Monday, November 17, 2014


I don't really remember everything that happened last week, I don't think I really did much. I know I went to this Thai place in Rexburg with Ashlee that we wanted to try, but it ended up not being as good as the other Thai places we have been too. I also hung out with Bryan and Michelle one day and went to Panda Express for lunch and then went back and had burgers for dinner. Other than that I think the week was really lame!

Friday morning was sort of a rough morning because I couldn't sleep the night before. I think it was a mix of being excited Dylan was coming for the weekend and stress because I had just found out the night before that my grandpa was getting heart surgery that morning. The day seemed to drag on, and the weather had been horrible so I was really nervous for Dylan's drive up there. Me and ash decided to drive to her moms house to go hang with Tracen and wait for Dylan. When Dylan got there I picked him up from my grandmas and then went back to Shayla's for pizza. That night we planned to go to this party thing in Rexburg but we were waiting for Jake to get off work because he had said that he was going to go. We sat outside his work for about an hour and then when he got off he tried to drive away! When Ashlee stopped him he told us to follow him to his moms and then he would come. We went to his mom's and next thing you know he is driving off and ditches us! We couldn't get him to answer any of our called! I was pretty pissed! We went back to Rexburg and just hung at the apartment for a bit and then went back to my grandmas.

Saturday morning we went to action and rexburg motor sports, it was pretty cool, I kind of really want a dirt bike! Going there made me want to go riding even more tho! After that we went to Millhollow, which is an amazing sandwich place! They have the most amazing bread! After that we went to Craze with Bryan and Michelle and their kids. Craze is like a Sparetime, We played lazor tag and mini golf, it was a lot of fun! We then went back to my grandmas and watched a movie until dinner. We went to Johnny Corrino's so that we could see Ashlee. Corrino's was great as always! We went back and watched a movie with my grandparents after dinner. Ashlee called later that night and asked if we wanted to go bowling. When we met her there Jake ended up going, I was kind of upset...but I still had a lot of fun even though I didn't really want him there!
Sunday was sort of a lazy day and we just watched TV until Dylan had to leave. I had so much fun this weekend but I can't believe how fast it went by! It was so nice to see Dylan after 2 weeks! Luckily next weekend I get to go home for a whole week! I am so excited, it's going to be awesome!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

First Snow

Monday when I donated I got another girl nurse...I was really nervous and didn't want to donate anymore! But she actually did really well and I think I was one of my best donations that I have had! After donating I felt like I was on the phone for forever because first my dad called me, then McCall called me, then my sister called me, then McCall called me, then my mom, and then my dad again. I'm pretty sure adding all the calls made me be on the phone for about 4 hours! It was insane! But it was good to talk with all of them! We had FHE that night but I really am sick of FHE because they never plan anything anymore so we just sit there and try to figure out what to do and it's weird. It was the boy's turn to come to our house this time. Ashlee was in IF so she didn't have to go but me and Amber were stuck, we ended up hiding in my room and didn't go out there with them! 
Once they left we went back out into the living room and were all talking. We kept hearing screaming outside so we were went to look outside to see what all the chaos was was snowing. I actually don't mind the snow that much, it's just I don't want it to be bad weather when Dylan comes up this weekend, and I hope it isn't even worse when I go home for thanks giving. It can snow as much as it wants once the semester is over! Once all my roommates settled down and stopped screaming about how excited they were for Christmas and stopped playing their Christmas music, we started to get ready for bed. I'm in bed half asleep and then all of a sudden I hear Christmas music blasting! It sounds like someone is sitting next to my window playing it! I look outside and someone with apparently amazing speakers in their car is playing Christmas music and there is a huge dance party going on in the parking lot...all because of the first snow? All my roommates wanted to go join so they dragged me along with them and we went out and joined the party, it actually was a little fun, but I'm not as enthusiastic about Christmas just yet. I now realized that I forgot to bring shoes that will be good in snow....I will have to get some over thanks giving. The weirdest part about that party was this girl dancing in a leotard...I don't know how she did it, I was freezing my but off and I was bundled up! I forgot to mention that this party was happening after 12 so we got the cops called on us and they had to come and tell us to turn the music off, they seemed like they wanted to join our party though! Later that night at 4:40 my alarm started going off, I couldn't get it to turn off and I didn't even know why it was going off that early! Finally once I started waking up a little more I realized that it wasn't my alarm and that it was the snow plow in the parking lot. Every time it backed up it would have a loud beeping noise!
Walking to school now is going to suck...but it has got me excited for snowboarding! I just hope that it melts for Dylan this weekend! I don't mind as much if it snows after that, but I would prefer it to wait until later!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekend With Codie

Friday morning me and Amber went to the shelter to walk dogs again. there was a German Shepherd there that I absolutely fell in love with! He was such a well trained dog! I wish I could get a dog because I totally would have bought him! I miss having a pet! Later that night Ashlee was talking me and amber to go to Ouija with her and Jake. I really didn't want to go because that stuff scares me...well they talked me into it. But the movie completely sucked. It wasn't even that scary and it just had horrible acting and graphics!

 This weekend Codie came up and stayed with me. It was a lot of fun, and I was so happy to see her. I had this weekend planned out of everything that we were going to do but we really didn't do anything that I had planned. It is okay though because I still had fun and I was just glad to be with her! I originally planned for her to come Saturday morning and then go to breakfast with my aunt Michelle. After that we were just going to hang out at my apartment and watch a movie and paint nails and talk because we haven't had our one on one sister conversation about everything going on in our lives since I moved up here! Then of course for lunch we would have Milhollow. We were going to try out this place called G's Dairy that I heard was really good in town, and for dinner DiGiorno!!

Codie was getting into town a little later than expected so we decided to do lunch first with Michelle. We went to Milhollow, which is as goo as it always is! After we all started talking about puppies so we started going to all of the different shelters to look at dogs! I loved looking at all the dogs, we even found a dog that Michelle is possibly getting!! After looking at dogs we ran to a few stores to get some Christmas shopping done for Michelle. I hate shopping so that wasn't the highlight of my day, but that's okay! We then went to Johnny Corinos for dinner, that place is always great too. When we were leaving Ashlee said "I wish I had window paint to write something on Jake's window before we left" because he was in work. Well Michelle got the brilliant idea and said "we have left over noodles, we could write fart on his window" and that is exactly what Ashlee did, it was hilarious! We parked by his car and waited for him to get off work so we could watch his reaction! I should mention that Jake is obsessed with cars and his is a really nice Mercedes  and he is way protective over it! He came out and he seemed to sort of laugh about it but then when he saw us he acted pretty upset so I thought he was just faking being mad! But then he kept ignoring Ashlee and seemed really pissed off about it so we all said we would meet him for ice cream to make up for it. We met at cold stone and he seemed totally okay but then he grabbed Ashlee's phone and made it look like he did a factory reset on her phone to loose everything! It was so awkward because we didn't know how to react and ashlee had pictures of her dog on there that she hadn't saved so she started crying and then he showed her that he was just messing with her and he didn't really reset it. He is lucky though because I think Michelle was about to rip his head off! After ice cream we were going to head back to Michelle's and watch a movie but then we remembered my uncle was on duty, he is a cop, so we were going to hunt him down and "pull him over". It was a lot of fun looking for him but it took us forever to finally find him! We didn't get back to Michelle's until 1230 so we decided to stay the night there instead of my apartment, and yes we still attempted to watch the movie!

This morning we slept in until about 11 and then just talked all morning. We came back to my apartment and showered and had pizza and then went to my grandmas to visit for a bit. I can't believe how fast my weekend with Code went by. I miss our sister time so much, it sucks that I hardly ever get to see her. I wish the weekend could have been longer! I hope I get to see her a bit over thanks giving break! Dylan is coming up this next weekend, I am pretty excited about that! The weather is looking like it's getting a little worse though so I hope it's not bad when he drives here!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Monday was a pretty lame day. I woke up, went to school, donated plasma, did my homework, and then just laid on the couch...all day. The time change must have really kicked my but because I was really tired! I didn't even go to FHE! All my roommates are excited for Christmas and started playing Christmas music and decorations. We already have so many decorations up and its not even close to thanksgiving yet...its killing me. I went to be early that night like I did the night before.

Tuesday I still woke up tired! I don't know if it is because my bed is worse than sleeping on a rock so I'm not getting great sleep or if it's because of the time change, but I cannot catch up on sleep it seems! I miss my bed at home so much...I just miss home so much. Tuesday was another uneventful day until after school I had a meeting with the bishop. I got a calling as relief society humanitarian? They couldn't even tell me what that was, that shows how unimportant it is and they are just trying to give everyone a calling. Ashlee got a calling as like a temple enthusiast, she is supposed to encourage people to go to the temple haha. After the meeting I went to the grocery store to get groceries for when Codie comes this weekend! I went to the store for apples, DiGorno, and these little cherry Hersey kisses that only come out around Christmas (one of the only things I like early Christmas is for those Hersey kisses, and the chocolate orange balls, funny story about that later!) I ended up leaving the store with cereal, sweetish fish, Chocolate orange ball, and luckily apple's. I didn't even get majority of the things I wanted! I got the sweetish fish for when I go to visit Tracen because those are his favorite, and once I saw the chocolate orange balls I couldn't resist getting one because me and Codie absolutely love those and I wanted to surprise her with it this weekend! Turns out that Codie saw them and got the same idea and bought me one too! We are pretty much the same person. (: I didn't get the pizza because at the store here they are 9 bucks! Back home they are only like 5! I am just going to grab the pizza when I go to IF to see Tracen!

When I woke up on Wednesday I wasn't quite as tired as I had been, but I still felt like I was dragging! When I donated plasma the nurse messed up the needle and someone had to come back and fix it. The nurse that messed it up was a girl, the last time I had a girl she messed up too. I now do not like girl nurses. I have a bruise on my arm so that means I can't donate from that arm until it goes away! This bruise is pretty bad so it wont go away for awhile! I hope that my other arm doesn't bruise so that I can keep donating! The rest of the day I didn't really do much. Ashlee and Amber wanted to go to wingers to eat the unlimited sticky fingers. I ate way to much. I felt so sick after! but it was so good! I'm pretty sure my waiter didn't think I would be able to put down that many sticky fingers because he gave me a weird look when I would ask for more, but I was going to get my monies worth of sticky fingers! He wasn't the best waiter...okay he completely sucked. But at the end no one wanted to tip him. Ashlee and Amber didn't even give him a 10% tip, in fact I don't think Ashlee even gave him a 5% tip! I felt bad so I at least gave him a 15% tip, I'm sure he was pretty pissed.

Today I am going to try to go and visit Tracen and my Grandma and then pick up the pizzas for this weekend. I think Ashlee said she was wanting to go down to IF with me but she is still asleep and its 11. I only have limited time because I have class tonight so I might wake her and see if she really wants to go. I just wish it was the weekend and Codie was here! Even though I have been home a lot, I haven't really been able to see her because she was hunting or at work! It will be nice to see her for the weekend! It sort of sucks tho because I probably won't go home again until thanksgiving. It's going to be so hard to not see my family and Dylan for that long! on the bright side, thanksgiving break is going to be a long one so I will have lots of time with everyone! Also Dylan might be coming up to see me next weekend! I hope if he ends up coming the weather is good because I don't want him driving in bad weather! I have no pictures this week, sorry!

Monday, November 3, 2014


I haven't wrote for a week, and I honestly can't remember much that happened last week. I will just do a quick overview of it. Monday we had FHE, we carved pumpkins, everyone was sort of in a bad mood so it was a little awkward and no one really talked. Tuesday I think I just studied all day, basically all I did last week was studied because it was midterms! Wednesday I threw Ashlee a surprise birthday because no one was going to be home for her real birthday! We had brownies and pizza and then went to a haunted house. It was fun.

Now time for the weekend, which I actually remember! Thursday morning I went and took my test and then drove home! I know it was only Thursday but since it was the end of midterms I didn't have much going on so I skipped my class! I didn't tell Dylan or my mom because I wanted to surprise them! Once I got into town I had my dad invite my mom to lunch and I met them there, I was in the bathroom when my mom got there. When I walked out she looked up at me and said hi then looked down at her phone and then paused and looked back up at me and was like "wait what are you doing here?!" it was pretty funny! Next up was to surprise Dylan. The original plan was to go meet Kortnie and hide in her car and have her take him to Ice cream or something and then scare the crap out of him! Although that would have been hilarious, we would have had to wait until 7 and I found out that Dylan got off around 3, I couldn't wait that long to see him! I called his mom and we decided that she would take Dylan to the store and I would meet them there in one of the isles. It worked out great, he had his back turned to me when I got to the isle so I ran up and hugged him. He turned at the last second and saw me right before I hugged him. His face was priceless, he looked so confused. He sat there and stuttered for a bit trying to make sense of what had just happened, it was awesome!(: We went to their friends house and helped their kids carve pumpkins and rode small dirt bikes and four wheeler's on the track they had in the back yard, it was a blast! After that we went on a date to black island farms with Kortnie and this kid she had met the night before. It was a lot of fun, me and Dyl were mostly off in our own world though and didn't talk to the other two couples that much!

Friday morning I woke up and made this cheesy potato soup that Dylan's mom made for us once. We were going to have it for dinner that night but I made it sort of way early!(: Me and Dylan got together but didn't know what to do until we needed to get ready for Halloween! We just hung out and then went to see Codie at her work and sat with her for her lunch break. After that we went back to his house and had lunch and then started to get our costumes on. Dylan get so excited when he is in his costume, I love it! Once we were ready we went over to my house for dinner, the soup that I made was good, but Becky's is definitely best! We stayed there a lot longer than planned so we didn't really do anything In our costumes, but I didn't care because I love Halloween so it was still a lot of fun to just get ready in spirit of the holiday!(: later that night we went back to Dylan's and played hide and clap with his sisters, It was scary but was a fun sort of scary!

Saturday when I woke up I was a little bummed but then I realized it wasn't Sunday and I had an extra day! Me my parents and Dylan went to Fizz and then just hung out and watched TV until we went out to eat with my uncle Jason. We had such a hard time deciding what to eat that we all had to write a place down on a piece of paper and then draw it out of a box to decide where to go! We ended up going to Red Robin, it was a good choice! After that me and Dylan met up with my friend Jesee and her boyfriend for ice cream, It was good to see her again. Arctic Circle forgot to give us our mint in our mint Oreo shake though, that has happened before! We then watched SNL with my dad for the rest of the night.

Sunday I finally went to church! I went to Dylan's church with him, I'm glad I finally got to go for the first time since school has started! After church we went back to his house and had pizza then went to my house. When we got to my house it was funny because my parents asked us if we wanted pizza for lunch! We still had pizza with them anyways(: Codie and Chase came over and hung out with us and watched football. Stupid Cowboys lost. Unfortunately it was time to go again. It sucked. It gets so much harder every time. Especially this time because I don't know when I will be back home again for sure.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Finally home!

Thursday night Amber Ashlee Jake and I were all going to meet and get ice cream together. While we were waiting for Ash and Jake I got a call from Ash telling me that she wasn't coming because tray had got into an ATV accident and was in the hospital. It was so scary. I was going to go down and see him but it was really late and I wasn't sure when visiting hours were. I felt really bad for not going so on my way out of town on Friday I went to go see him. The poor kid has fractured majority of his thoracic vertebrae, collapsed a lung, broke his shoulder and so much more I can't remember. He is going to be in the hospital for a while, it's going to be a long process until they are finished fixing him up. I am so glad he is alive though, it's so hard to see him in this much pain, he is my baby tray!! ):

Once I got into town on Friday I went to lunch with my mom, it was a lot of fun! After lunch I went to Dylan's, it was so good seeing him after 2 weeks! We carved pumpkins together, I had been wanting to carve pumpkins so it was nice of him to do that with me even though carving pumpkins is sometimes frustrating! After that we went to Dragon Hill with my mom and dad, I wish we had a Dragon Hill up here! We all watched a scary movie after that, it wasn't the best scary movie, but it wasn't the worst one either.
Saturday morning we woke up and went to Kneeder's for all you can eat french toast. It was amazing, but I cant really eat that much! Later that night we were going to a Halloween party and scavenger hunt with Dylan's family so we needed to go get stuff for our costumes. Dylan was getting tights and I figured they were for his sister...they were for him!! It was hilarious, but it actually looked really great with his costume! We helped decorate cookies with his mom for a bit, but then we needed to start getting ready because Dylan's costume was going to take a while! It took us a little over 3 hours to get everyone's make up ready! But we all ended up looking really good! Especially Dylan, his creeped me out and I knew it was him! Me and Dylan had to stay at this creepy barn for the scavenger hunt, I was so freaked out! Especially because I had to sit at a creepy barn with a creepy clown!! After the hunt was over we had to hurry and get out of our costume so that we could go with Scott and his girlfriend to a haunted house. It took a while to get all the make up off, especially Dylan's mask. Plus he glued the wig to his head by accident with latex so that took a was hilarious to watch!! Dylan couldn't get all the make up off in time for the haunted house so he went out with eye liner on, it was awesome!(:

Well it was Sunday again. I couldn't believe how fast the weekend came and went. Me and my mom made pumpkin cookies that morning. Dylan, my grandparents and my aunt came over for lunch, it was good seeing them, it had been a while! After lunch Codie and Chase came over!! I haven't seen Codie for like 3 weeks! I  missed and still miss everyone so so much. I just want to be home! Leaving this weekend was probably the hardest it has ever been. If it keeps getting harder I don't think I will be able to leave!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Longest Week

Monday night was an interesting night. In the middle of the night I was all of a sudden woken up by Ashlee and was crouching between the bed's. When she asked me what I was doing I replied "How did I get in the middle of the room?" and then she told me that I had jumped out of bed started ducking between the beds screaming "OH MY HELL" over and over again! It was so weird! I went back to bed and not to much later I hear "BROOKE, GO BACK TO BED!" I was in my bed so I replied "Ashlee, what are you talking about?" then Ashlee freaks out and say's "Oh my gosh! It's not you by the door?! I have been hearing someone rattling the door and whispering!" That sort of freaked me out, especially since my bed is the one closest to the door! I never heard anything, but Ashlee swears she did. We all think the house is haunted because not to log ago Megan sat up in her sleep and just stared at a wall forever and went back to bed, when Amber asked about it, she couldn't remember doing it. Then their is me screaming and Ashlee hearing whispering. Now tabby woke up with a huge bruise on her leg and has no idea what it is from, so yeah....there is a ghost here. 

Tuesday wasn't really all that exciting of a day, I just studied all day because midterms are coming up...I'm not so excited about that. After class got out Ashlee wanted me to go to IF with Amber to see her at work. I wasn't to excited about the drive there, plus there was no way I could afford to eat at her work, it is so expensive there! When we got there Ashlee was off and we sat down and she asked what we wanted to eat, me and Amber just sat there and looked at each other because both of us knew that we couldn't afford to eat. Ashlee then said "get whatever you want I am buying" that was really nice of her. She got us an appetizer, made us each get our own plate, and got us dessert. We ate until we were completely stuffed! Ashlee has these things called pasta points so it covered most of our meal luckily, I felt bad if she had to pay for all of that! I forgot to mention that me and Amber had to sneak out of the house because we didn't really want to bring Megan. Well that sort of made things awkward. None of the other roommates would really talk to us at all when we got back, even when we would try to talk to them they wouldn't reply. It's been a little awkward around here lately. I don't know why they think that we have to do everything together!

Wednesday was another day filled with studying. I had an interview at wingers that night, it was such a weird interview. Then again it was the only interview I have had, I've always been hooked up with my jobs by someone I know. Anyways, I go in he asked me a list of weird questions, some seemed irrelevant, and then said thank you and I left. I don't know if they will call me back or anything, but I sort of hope not because he said that they were mostly looking for weekend help and I don't like that. There was a free dinner thing at our apartment that started at 530. Me Ash and Amber were all going to go once we all got home. I was at my interview until about 6. Amber went to take a test at 5, and Ashlee was at a baby shower. When I got home I went in my room to watch Netflix until they got home. It started getting later and later and finally at 8 I went in the living room to watch TV. At about 9 Amber pokes her head around the corner, She had been home since like 7 and I had no idea!! She had been waiting for me and I had been waiting for her and we were in the same house! For some reason when Amber got home and asked Megan where I was, she told her that I wasn't home? Obviously we missed the free dinner, and Ashlee didn't even get home until 10.

I leave for home tomorrow. I feel like I haven't been home in forever! Why I named this the longest week is because everyday this week has dragged. It feels like every day has more hours in it than normal! I just can't wait to be home again. I know my parent's came and saw me last week, which I am highly grateful for, but I miss being back at home too! Ashlee and Amber are kind of upset that I am leaving because there is a Halloween party they want me to go to Friday night with them. As much as I want to hang with them, I hate parties, and I miss home. I am not much of a dancer as I have previously said, so it's just awkward when I go and we stand there like you do at lame Jr. High dances. Plus all people really are there for is to pick up guys, and the only guy I want to pick up is down in Utah! So yeah, I don't mind if they are upset, dance parties are lame. Sorry I don't have any pictures this week so the blog is even more lame than normal, so I posted a picture of cute lab puppies instead!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Surprise Visit

Friday I wasn't sure what I was going to do because everyone went home for the weekend besides me and the two weird roommates. Ashlee invited me to go with her and Harry to go to a haunted house. We ended up going to this place called Theater of Lost Souls. It was actually really good! The people weren't that scary, it was the place that was really creepy! It was fun, but I wished that Dylan could have came with me! My parents decided to surprise visit me that weekend. I told them that I was having a hard time and was really homesick, it was really nice of them! I really appreciate them for that, I don't know what I would do without them! We all stayed up late talking, I was so tired but I didn't want to go to bed!

The next day we were trying to figure out what we could do but none of us had any ideas! We decided to go to Scotty's for lunch. They had really good burgers, but I wasn't the biggest fan of their fries. I then had to quick make a stop and interview this girl in the Public Health career for one of my classes. After I finished my assignment we went to Reed's Dairy for ice cream. They milk the cow's and make all of their product right there in the store! They have amazing ice cream and chocolate milk. It was really funny because my grandpa wanted to walk all around the farm and the building to show me the cow's and them getting milked. He told me how they milked them and everything, I love listening to his stories. After ice cream we went back to the house and my grandma wanted to teach me how to crochet. We crocheted and watched a movie until it was time to meet the rest of my family for dinner for my cousins birthday. After dinner we played games, it was a lot of fun but I started to zone out at the very end because I was so tired!

Sunday morning my mom got up and colored my hair, I was really glad she did that for me. I have no idea how I would get my hair done without her, I don't trust anyone else with my hair! I cut it how I normally do this time, but I think I am going to start growing it out again. I miss my long hair! We all just hung out until it was time for my parents to go again. After they left I met Ashlee for my uncles birthday. We had elk, It was so delicious! I ate so much! I hung out with Ashlee and her friends the rest of the night and the came home, Amber was finally home! We talked all night like we always do.

Today I was studying all day and realized it was getting late and I needed to go donate plasma, so I went and donated without eating...this was a bad idea. Everything seemed to be going well but about halfway through my head started buzzing and I felt really dizzy! Luckily I made it through without passing out and then ate as soon as I got home! For FHE we went to the haunted mill. My group made me be the very front, I hated not having anyone to hold on to and hide from the people, I needed Dylan there!

This weekend ended up being good all because of my parents! I'm so glad they came to see me. I'm hoping to come home this weekend because I really miss Dylan and my sister. It feels like ages since I have seen them! I have a job interview this Wednesday so I am hoping that it doesn't interfere with me coming home this weekend and for Halloween. I don't know if I should still take the job when I only have two months left of the semester. I guess we will see how it goes! I got our roommate pictures so I will post some of them!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sluff day

Monday was a pretty boring day. I just went to school, donated plasma, then we had FHE. For FHE we were going to have a bonfire so me Ashlee and Megan went to the store and got things for campfire cones. Campfire cones is an idea Ash got off of Pinterest. you get waffle cones, marshmallows chocolate, strawberries, bananas, anything you can think of and stuff it inside the cone. you then wrap it up in tinfoil and stick it in the fire to melt all together. Me and Ashlee decided we would make hot chocolate before we went because it was going to be really cold. I didn't really have anything to put my hot chocolate in besides my water bottle, well that was a bad idea. One of the FHE brothers came to pick us up and as we were getting in his car he was telling us that it was his baby and he had put so much money into her, you know boys and their cars, it actually was old and ugly so i'm not sure what he was talking about. Anyways I'm sitting in his car and all of a sudden my hot chocolate decides to explode like a volcano out of my straw! I felt so bad, there was hot chocolate everywhere! I ran as fast as I could to go get a wet rag. Ashlee told me that while I was gone he told everyone that he had just redone the leather seats! Luckily from what I could tell everything came out. I still feel horrible about it though! So back to the campfire cones, I was actually really excited to try them out, but they ended up being really disgusting! The cones all burnt and tasted bad, the marshmallows didn't really melt, and it was just a mess! It was still fun though, I just hope that there is no hard feeling's about the hot chocolate disaster...

Tuesday wasn't quite as boring as the other Tuesdays I have had. I cleaned all morning, did some homework, and then we went to the shelter to walk dogs! I was so happy seeing dogs, I am going to try to make it a weekly thing to go and walk the shelter dogs, its a good excuse to get out of the apartment too! After school I had a job interview at Wingers at 7. My cousin had a football game in Rexburg at 730 so all of us roommates were just going to go to the game after my interview. Everyone came along and waited in the car for my interview to get over. I got in and they sat me down with popcorn and said they would be with me as soon as they could. 15 mins went by...nothing. 30 mins went by...still nothing besides another girl for an interview! At this point I called Ashlee and told her that she could take my car to the game and I would call her when I was done. An hour comes along and another girl shows up for an interview! finally at like 810 the manager came and apologized and said he would have to call us to reschedule. I haven't heard from him yet. I'm kind of really annoyed that I waited that long for nothing. I got to catch the end of my cousins game and went to Dairy Queen with them after so that was fun.

Wednesday everyone wanted to get roommate pictures. We were up all night on Tuesday because they were picking out everyone's outfits. I am not very fond of dressing up or getting pictures, so I just laid on the bed and observed and let them decide what I was going to wear. They kept me up until 3 and I had to get up the next morning at 630! Needless to say I accidentally slept through my first class and then woke up 10 mins before my second class. I probably looked like a zombie in that class! I got home from school and found out that everyone had skipped school that day! Everyone wanted to stay home and get ready for pictures. Unfortunately it was really windy that day so pictures were hard to take. Even though I hate taking pictures, We got some pretty cute pictures! There was a party with free pizza and ice cream that me and amber really wanted to go to that night. We ended up not going because all of us passed out in the living room and slept right through it! I am still kind of upset that I let myself miss out on free stuff...especially pizza and ice cream!

This weekend is the first weekend I am not seeing Dylan and my family, It really sucks. I don't know what I am going to do. Ashlee, Megan, and Amber are all going to Utah this weekend too, I am going to be alone with the crazies!! I need to find something to do this weekend or just lock myself in my room away from them! I really hope I can go home next weekend. I miss everyone so so much!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Haunted Mill

Friday morning after school I had no idea what to do until my parents and Dylan got into town. I tried to take a nap because the night before me Ashlee and Amber went out to a movie and then out to eat and didn't get home until 2, but I couldn't fall asleep! so instead I cleaned until I had to go to my group meeting. After my group meeting I was going to donate again, but I lost motivation and decided to watch TV with amber instead! Ashlee wanted a tour of Winsor Manor so that helped pass time too! I then made Fruity Pebble rice crispy treats and then just sat around until it was time to leave. Me Ashlee and Harry met my family at Olive Garden. Usually my dad doesn't like that place, but it is all you can eat pasta, so that's the only time he will go! I was glad because I love their bread sticks! After that we went back to Bryan and Michelle's. We stayed up and talked to B for a bit, but we were all pretty tired and went to bed.

In the morning we had Elli's baptism, I was sort of nervous on how everything would go down because Michelle's Ex was trying to cause so many problem's so I thought there was going to be a huge fight! You could feel some tension there, but luckily he put his problems aside, and Elli was able to have a great baptism. After the baptism we went back to Rexburg to show Dylan and my family my appartment, they got to see how nasty some of my roommates were! I really wanted them to meet Amber but she had went back home to Utah so they are going to have to meet her some other time! We then went to lunch at Michelle's. The food was really good, I thin I ate mostly dessert and rolls though! Her mom makes these amazing pumpkin bars, I wish I could bake so I could make them all the time! Everyone was just resting until the haunted house that night. Dylan Tracen and Skylar started a war with Nurf guns and this weird bow and arrow thing, I just collected bullets and gave them to people so that no one would shoot me!(: It was a lot of fun, but it got hot so me and Dylan went outside but the fight followed us there! That led to playing smear the queer, I couldn't play that game very well because when I would tackle someone they would just keep running while I was being drug behind! But that's okay because I still had a lot of fun!

Finally it was time for the Haunted Mill! I was so excited to take Dylan there because he loves haunted houses and I knew that Haunted Mill was a good one! I am retarded though and had ten dollars in my back pocket and lost it while we were standing in line! Usually inside haunted houses I am the one screaming the most, but this time Dylan was screaming as much as me, maybe even more than me!(: It was funny because my Aunt and Uncles were in the group ahead of us and they kept staying back and scaring us! I didn't mind when Dylan got scared because he would just run and take me with him so all I had to do was close my eye's and scream while he ran for me! We went out to eat at Applebee's after and while we were there we decided to go to the Haunted Forrest! At the Haunted Forrest there was this guy that would not leave my mom alone, it was kind of funny but he sort of over stayed his welcome! The haunted Forrest was good, especially because I hate being outside in the dark. But compared to the Haunted Mill it wasn't as scary! I still had a lot of fun though! When we got back to my uncles I was so tired but I really didn't want to go to bed because I knew it was my last night with everyone, I couldn't believe how fast the weekend had gone by!

Sunday morning I woke up way before everyone else did, so I laid in bed for a bit not wanting to wake anyone so early. I told Dylan I would wake him up when I got up so I went and got him up even though I felt bad! Once everyone was up and moving we went to my grandmas to make breakfast burritos. All of the boy's and me went to Sportsman's and looked around for a bit. When we were leaving there was a guy selling Lab puppies, they were so adorable! I want a puppy so bad, especially a black lab! We then watched Football and had Ice cream until it was time to for Dylan and my parents to leave. Me and Dylan went for a walk before they left. We walked to the temple, Idaho Falls temple is one of my favorites. Sadly after our walk they had to leave. I love the weekends, I just hate how they end.

This weekend was one of the best weekends ever, I was so glad Dylan and my parents could come up! Now it's going to suck because I'm not sure if I will be able to make it home before Halloween, I'm going to try to go the weekend before but I'm not positive! :/ I was really sad that Codie and Chase couldn't come up, but me and Codie are finding a time for them to come in November so that will be fun!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sorry for the wait!

I figured I should probably get on and do my blog since it's been a week and my parents keep asking me when I am going to update my blog! (: So I have a lot to write after a week, so sorry if this bores you!

So Friday I got out of class and left right for home at 9, I was so excited to get home earlier in the day rather than that night! I got to town around 12 and was going to surprise Codie and go to lunch with her, I should have been smarter and called her earlier than I did because she was at lunch with my dad! It sucked because I really wanted to see her but that's okay because I still go to see her later that week! I then went home and grabbed something quick for lunch so that I could hurry and go see Dylan, he had just gotten his wisdom teeth taken out the day before! I promised him I would bring him ice cream that day but we decided we were going to get it later. He thought that his face was really chubby, but I didn't think it was really that swollen! We watched TV, played games, and then took a nap. His mom made this amazing soup, I don't really know what it was, but it was great! After dinner we met my parents at Arctic Circle to get some Ice Cream. After that we went back to my house and hung out until Dylan's mom came to pick him up.

Saturday morning my dad woke me up and we went to Kneeder's with Codie. We got the all you can eat French Toast, it was really good, but Codie said it is usually better so I am going to have to go again! Next time I go I am getting a Pumpkin Steamer, I love them and they are seasonal so I need to get at least one before they are gone! We went back to the house and watched conference until my mom got off work, she wanted to go to lunch. I was still full from breakfast but I really wanted to go out with my mom so I was willing to eat again! I got the one of the salads with Codie, it wasn't too bad. I went to Dylan's and watched the rest of the second half of conference with them. We were all going to see Annabelle that night at 8. Me and Dylan had no idea what to do until 8! We ended up playing battle ships and connect four until then, it was a lot of fun. Especially because I totally whooped his but...(: just kidding, I did win quite a bit, but he one the last game of "winner takes it all" so I lost! Before Annabelle we went to Rumbi for dinner, I had never been there, I really liked it! Now it was time for Annabelle! That movie was so scary! It wasn't as bad as conjuring, but it still scared me! After the movie I went back to Dylan's and watched a recording of him after surgery. It was hilarious! He reminded me of a little boy kind of, he is so cute(:

Sunday was a sad day again because I had to leave. All of my family and Dylan watched the second half of conference together and then had lunch. Lunch was pretty good but the chicken was really spicy, it was funny to watch people eat it! I felt bad though because Dylan couldn't really eat the chicken so he just had potatoes and ice cream, he probably was starving! I couldn't get myself to leave, it was so hard! I finally left around 7, I didn't get back until 10!

The other sign says
"Boyfriends are like Trash,
Your roommates shouldn't take them out"
Monday I took my first test for Human Anatomy and Physiology, I got an 84 which is a bit better than I thought I would do! After that I just did homework until FHE. We were getting family pictures done in our tie dye shirts. We were also meeting one of the Bishopric members to talk. They gave us a lesson on making our homes like Zion, they also gave us cookies! After FHE we went to Nielson's to try their snow cones, I didn't even know they had snow cones. They weren't that good, I prefer their concretes. When we went home we were getting a little fed up with all the trash two of our roommates had been leaving around so we made a huge pile of it all and then made posters sort of hinting to "clean up your crap" they are quite hilarious, I will post a picture of one!

Tuesday was a pretty good day me and my Aunt Michelle went for a run and then just hung out until we had to go to lunch with my grandparents and uncle. We went to this Mexican restaurant called Greengos, I'm not the biggest fan of Mexican food, but it wasn't too bad, they had good raspberry lemonade! After Greengo's my grandpa had an eye appointment so me Michelle and Jason all went and walked around the Temple until he was done. I hadn't really been a fan of the Rexburg temple, I didn't think it was that pretty. But now that I actually walked around it and got a closer look, I like it much better!

My new awkward family
Wednesday I donated plasma again, my arm is bruised a little bit, so I am hoping it goes away for when I go to donate on Friday because they don't let you if your arms are bruised! While I was sitting at the Plasma place they turned on Shrek, normally this wouldn't be bad but Amber showed me a video that has ruined Shrek forever! I just couldn't watch it the same! We heard about this free potato bar, so we were of course going to get free food! It was really good considering that it was free! They also gave us ice cream, cookies, and popcorn! I also one a $5 coupon for more ice cream! I think I have received more free stuff here than I have in my whole life, I love it! When we got home there was still a pizza box on the counter from over a week ago, can you guess who it's from? Yes the messy two. We had even asked them many times to throw it out, so i threw it in their room. I don't know if they were too happy about finding it their! But I didn't care because I had just found out the night before that those Dinks ate my Peanut Butter Oreo's, I don't really want to play nice anymore....haha just kidding (: My roommate was telling us we need to watch American Horror Story, so we watched the season premier that was disturbing. I'm not sure if I will watch it again!

Today has been a great day. Me and Amber both don't have class so we have been planning to watch TV all day and eat pizza! Today couldn't have been a more perfect day for us to have off because unfortunately Amber's grandpa died last night ): I woke up this morning and she hadn't slept at all, luckily she finally fell asleep for a little bit, she looked like she needed rest. While she was sleeping I decided to make her muffins to try and cheer her up. We then watched how to train your dragon 2, I like the first one better but it was still good! After that we just watched whatever we could find on TV while I did some homework. Then around lunch I made her the best pizza ever...DiGorno! I'm not the best at comforting people, I never know what to say, so I just feed them to comfort them!

I am so excited for tomorrow, my parents and Dylan are coming up here! I am really excited to see them and show them all around. I really wish my sister and brother in law could come up, but they will have to come some other time!

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Again I apologize for taking a bit to post again, mostly apologizing to you Dylan ;) So Tuesday as always was completely uneventful. I don't have class until 5 so it's the waiting game of what to do until then. I did a bit of my homework but felt completely unmotivated to really do anything so instead I just watched TV all day...exciting live right? After class I came home and watched TV again with my roommates. Around 10 Amber sits up and said "alright we need to get out, what is there to do" so we sat there forever trying to figure out what to do, and of course we haven't a clue what there is. Especially after 10 on a school night in Rexburg, everything starts to shut down by then! So of course we chose to go get ice cream, all my decisions of things to do end up with food of some sort.

We went to go get ice cream at this place called Scoops. I really like this place, one reason is because its freaking cheap, it's only a dollar for every scoop! The other reason I like it is because it's Farr's ice cream from back home! It's not as good because they don't have as many flavors, but they still have a lot, and it was all the best ones! I will definitely be going back there for all my ice cream cravings, which is all the time...(:

Wednesday was a pretty good day. I went and donated plasma, I was there FOREVER. I'm glad I actually passed to be able to donate because last time I tried I was so nervous that they wouldn't let me do it, it was retarded. Actually donating was really cool though! It was really cool to see the tube that took my blood put it in the spinning machine to separate my plasma and then put the rest of my blood back in. I couldn't believe how much plasma they took, it was a huge bottle, and I was on the lowest end of how much they can take! It felt so cool getting it taken though! When they are taking it out my hand would go all numb like when your leg falls asleep or something. When they were putting blood back in I could feel it go all the way down back to my fingers. It reminded me of when me and my sister were in church we would cut circulation off to our hands. It would make it feel numb and then we would pretend that an invisible string was being pulled through our hand when the blood went rushing back into our fingers. It felt like that but more intense, I thought it was pretty cool!

Later that night Megan had heard about a bonfire that was going on and wanted to go, so Amber Ashlee and I tagged along. It was so awkward, we walked up and people just looked at us and then went back to their groups talking. We just stood there and stared at the fire for like 10 mins. Finally we decided to leave and do something else, and guess what we did...GOT ICE CREAM. We went to Walmart and were going to get mint ice cream. This Walmart is really small and doesn't have much in it so there was no mint ice cream! So we got vanilla ice cream and mint Oreo's to make shakes! The shakes were pretty dang good, I sort of feel like a brat because we only made them for me Ashlee Megan and Amber. You could tell that the other two wanted some but we were sort of on edge with them because they never clean up their dishes and one of them owes Ashlee a lot of yeah we just made it for us. We were nice and didn't eat it in front of them though!

That night was another night where we stayed up until two ish talking, but luckily I didn't have class this morning! I leave tomorrow to go back to Utah for the weekend!! I am so excited, it cant come fast enough! Dylan got his wisdom teeth out so I am going to bring him ice cream and keep him company! I can't wait to see his chubby cheeks from surgery!!(:

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tie Dye

Yesterday was a very unproductive day. I woke up and went to school, and then right back to bed when I got home. I finally woke up again around 1130 and took a test and did homework all day. I didn't ever really leave my computer besides to eat!

It was FHE night and our brothers were coming over to make Tie Dye shirts. We were going to do it outside but it was pouring rain so we decided to do it in our apartment...if you have ever done Tie Dye before you will know it's not the cleanest activity ever, especially with messy boys! We had a table cloth type thing to try to help, but there was still dye all over the table and even on the floor! I also had it all over my hands because I dropped a bottle of dye when I was trying to fill it!! I have to turn in job applications today and my hand is almost all purple!! It has come out a little bit, now my hand looks more black then purple which is a little better I guess! Ashlee made these amazing Oreo Truffles for FHE. My mom usually has me make them for Christmas to hand out for people and it takes forever, so it was nice not being the one making them!

After FHE we were all going to watch a movie, but as usual we never end up watching a movie when we plan to! Instead we decided to play Sardines. I have played this game once before but it is much more fun in our apartment because it is pitch black so you cant see anything! In this game you turn out all the lights and one person hides. Everyone goes looking for them and when you find the person you cram in to their hiding spot with them and everyone does the same until there is one person left looking. Everyone had some great hiding spots, it took us awhile to find everyone who hid! Ashlee's was awesome, it took us 32 minutes to find her!

I thought that I had a brilliant hiding spot so I was really excited for it to be my turn to hide...well my spot ended up being a pretty idiotic spot as well. I was trying to think of a spot no one would ever think to look, and the spot i came up with was the shower. I sprawled my legs and arms out on opposite sides of the shower and crawled up the wall until I was touching the ceiling, I thought they would never find me. I was right, they couldn't find me. I was also very tired and my arms were about to give out, much longer and I was going to fall! I started making a little bit of noise so that they had a general idea of where I was, this didn't help any, still no one was going to check above the shower! Finally I heard Amber feeling in the tub for me so I whispered "Amber" and she could not figure out where I was coming from. I told her that she needed to find me because I was about to fall, well this made her start laughing and then I started laughing...this made it even harder for me too stay up! Luckily I was able to keep hold myself there until everyone found me. I now know that if I have a good hiding spot, I need to make sure it won't be hard to stay in if it takes a long time for people to find me!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Island Park

I've  sort of slacked on my blogging, but I have been pretty busy, so I will just Post when I can!
Mesa Falls
Thursday I went to my Aunt Michelle's and hung out with her for a bit, she invited me to go to Island Park that night to go see my Uncle's. It was really nice seeing my Uncle B and Uncle Tad, I missed them! When we got there they gave us dinner, after dinner was the best surprise ever! My Aunts no bake cookies!!! I love no bake cookies, she gave me the recipe but I just can't seem to make them like hers. I'm pretty sure I ate like half of the cookies...(: The next morning I was going to wake up and come home and go to school...but I decided that school didn't sound so fun and hanging with my family would be better! B and Michelle took me to breakfast, it was pretty good, I don't remember the name of the place though! After breakfast we went to Mesa Falls, It was so pretty! Skipping school was totally worth it, I am really glad I went to Island Park!

When I got back to my apartment and it was time to start packing to head home! I was so excited, it had only been a week since I last saw everyone, but I missed them like crazy! I was getting a ride with Ashlee and her friend Lucy since they were making a trip down there to visit their friend Maddie. The drive home wasn't too bad because I wasn't by myself and I was able to sleep! I just had Ashlee and Lucy drop me off the Antelope exit and Dylan came and picked me up. I was so glad he picked me up because I couldn't wait much longer to see him! My parents took us to Texas Rhode House, which I was happy about because I hadn't eaten all day!

Saturday morning Codie came over. I missed her so much, I hate going from seeing everyone almost everyday, to maybe seeing them on the weekends. While my mom was doing hair Codie my dad and I went to this new place called Fizz since I had never been there. It was pretty good, I got a Raspberry Peach Cream Lemonade. I think the cookie was my favorite part though, I'm not much of a drink person since I stopped drinking pop. After that we Just all hung out and talked and Dylan came and hung with us too. Codie had to go home and then my parents left for a movie so me and Dylan went and hung out with his sister Kelsey. We went to the store to get some groceries and Dylan got Digiorno for dinner...that's my favorite Pizza...he is kind of the best (:

After dinner Dylan's friends Scott and Stephanie came over. I had heard lots about them so I was glad to finally meet them, they were pretty cool! We watched The Conjuring...I've seen that movie once before and I think it freaked me out just as bad as the first time I watched it! We then were going to a haunted house called Asylum 49. If you haven't heard of this haunted house, it is a full contact haunted house so they can pick you up and take you away, its pretty awesome! Luckily I didn't get separated from Dylan, I think I would have cried if I did! It was funny though because Kortnie went in ahead of us, and we picked her up along the way because they had taken her from her group and put her on a hospital bed! I definitely recommend going to this haunted house, I had such a blast that day!(:

Trip to Utah
Unfortunately we are now at Sunday. I couldn't believe how fast that weekend had went by. I felt like I had just barely got back home and now it was time to leave again!): Dylan, Codie, and Chase came over for lunch. It was good being with everyone, but I was pretty sad that whole day knowing that I was going to have to leave soon. I thought that everything would get easier as time went on, but I was wrong. It is getting so much harder! Every time I visit the less I come back. I cant imagine how hard it is going to be to leave next time I visit!

It is conference next weekend and Dylan is also getting his wisdom teeth out so I am planning on going to Utah again...yes, I have been there every weekend since I have been here, but I don't care! (: But the weekend after conference I will not be going to Utah! Only because everyone is coming here for my cousins baptism and to go to the haunted mill....I'm kind of way excited! I can't wait to show everyone around up here!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Pizza Pie

Today Ashlee's friend invited us to come get free facials from her school. We were all pretty excited about it thinking we would get like face masks and this awesome skin treatment...well we were wrong, it was a Mary Kay party. First you do like this ghetto face wash with a wipe and then they only had us put the moisturizer on half of our face!! I don't know about you, but I want my whole face to be silky smooth, not just half! After our face wash we put on make up, the cover up and bronzer weren't bad but then it was time for the eye shadow. This girl gave us blue and purple eye shadow and none of us wanted to use it, but she would not let us use natural colors! We started putting it on and you could tell every single one of us hated it! Luckily there was like a make up professional who came over and could probably tell our eye shadow needed some serious help. After she fixed us all up we ended up actually liking our eye make up! I would probably never do it like that again because I don't like dark make up, but it was a nice change I guess!

It was then the part of the night that we had all been waiting days for...5.55 buffet and dancing at The Pizza Pie!! When we got there the line was insanely long, it was killing me to wait even more for my pizza! Once we finally got through the line I piled my plate with 4 slices of pizza and then some desert pizza...I ate it all...(: After we had all stuffed ourselves we thought we would go out and see what the dancing was like. If you read my last blog, you know that I can't dance so it was sort of a disaster! All the other roommates could dance, but luckily Ashlee is also kind of an awkward dancer so I didn't feel to weird! There was also a fee photo booth which was cool, it was just hard to fit all 6 girls into the picture! The party wasn't really anything as great as the pizza so we all dipped out early, but that is okay because Amber has a strobe light so we had a dance party in her hallway! It was a lot of fun.

It's also almost Friday, and that means it's almost time for me and Ashy to go to Utah. I am so stoked, I know I just visited home last weekend, but I already miss everyone like crazy!

Elder Holland

Today was a fairly normal day. I didn't have class until 5 and I had a Devotional I wanted to go to at 2. So me and Ash just stayed home and cleaned and did our homework until then. We decided we would leave at 1 for the Devotional because Elder Holland was coming to speak! When we got in the building I was so amazed. It was just like a smaller version of the conference center, it was so cool! The place filled up every seat, I couldn't believe how many people were there!

Waiting For Devotional
When Elder Holland entered the room it instantly got silent and everyone stood up. Elder Holland did the cutest thing and kissed his hand and waved everyone to sit down. When he was talking it seemed like he talked a little different than he does in Conference, I don't know if this is true it just seemed that way to me. He was cracking jokes the whole time at the begging. Once he got more seriously into the talk, it was amazing the spirit that I felt in the room. He gave a talk on true happiness. He said that happiness is like a butterfly, the more we chase it, the further it goes away from us. Often happiness finds us when we least expect it. He also said that no person can have true happiness when they have anger or thoughts. He used the scripture in D&C to "garnish our thoughts with virtue" which was really cool because that was our spiritual thought the night before in FHE. I was so glad I got the chance to see him speak, it was such a great experience. (Also I am not the best at summarizing so if you would like to listen to Elder Hollands talk visit
Here is an idea of what i look like...

After that I had class, nothing exciting to tell you about that. Then me and Ashlee decided to try Zumba. I felt like a complete idiot...I am the most uncoordinated white girl you will ever meet. Not only am I uncoordinated, but I have these long arms and legs that just flail all over the place! If you can imagine a Praying-mantis trying to dance, that's probably what I look like, in fact I probably look worse! To make me feel even better about my great dancing, all the girls around me were like way good dancers who really got into it, it was such a self esteem booster... ;)

Day 9

Later that night we rode the shuttle to the grocery store because we were running low on somethings and I also really wanted Oreo's. We had about a half hour to get our groceries and be back for the shuttle. Me and Ash thought we would totally make it no problem...well we were wrong. We missed the shuttle by like 5 minutes! Luckily Harry was at the school playing basketball so Ash called him to come save us! Well we got bored so we started to eat our cookies and then we decided to work out right there in the parking lot! We did squats, leg kicks, lunges, jumping jacks, just anything we could think of! I'm pretty sure everyone at the store thought we were insane!

Finally we made it home and were able to cook dinner! I was starving. Ashlee made Taco Soup, it was soo good. All of us roommates were going to watch a movie together, but that turned into all of us talking and then talking turned into doing homework. That was weird for us because normally we all say we have homework, but end up watching TV or something! It is now 1:40 and I am writing this Blog...I have class at 7:45. I need to get on a better sleeping schedule, I'm going to be so tired tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sick Day

Sunday night
Day 7
I  haven't wrote for a few days so I will have to go back a few days. Sunday I had to leave Utah to come back. It was even harder to leave the second time then it was the first time! I love school, but gosh is it hard to live away from everyone I love! I stopped at my Aunts house to say hi and help her daughter out with a school project, it was pinning bugs to a bored. I didn't mind touching any of the bugs, but i could not touch any of the spiders even if they were dead! She then fed me dinner and these yummy mini cheesecake things. After that I came home and watched a movie with everyone.

Monday morning I woke up around 530 with a sharp pain in my stomach. I just laid there for a bit waiting for it to go away but it just kept getting worse! I got up to go get a drink of water or something and that's when it hit me, I was about to throw up. After all that it was time for me to start getting ready for school, I really didn't feel up to going. I hopped in the shower and when I got out it hit me again! So I decided I was not going to school and I went right back to bed. When I woke up I was feeling a little bit better but not great, so I went to my teachers later class and just sat in to see what i missed. After school I decided to try and eat to see if i could hold it down and I could! I think it must have been something I ate the night before!

Our cookies
Later that night we had FHE, that is family home evening for those of you who don't know. Our FHE brothers are really cool, but this time it was going to be awkward to see them! We have this roommate that is a bit boy crazy...well she is obsessed with our brothers. She got their numbers and calls them all the time, asks them to give her rides everywhere, and even shows up to their apartment all the time! They have started to try and avoid her, and then to make it worse, she danced sort of...disgustingly with one of them at the stoplight party and he didn't even know it was her until she talked to him about it later that weekend! So now it's like super weird. Anyways we were going over to their house to make cookies and plan out the rest of our FHE's for the summer. Things weren't too bad at first while we were planning, but then while we were making cookies, it got a little weird. I don't really know how to explain it, but our roommate was just trying to hard. Then one of the brothers used to take tango/salsa lessons so he grabbed Amber and started to teach her how to dance, well it ended being the guy that danced with the boy crazy one...she was giving the death look to Amber!

After we got back Ashlee and I decided that we needed to finally start our workout, so we went to the gym. It felt so good to finally work out again, I haven't worked out in so long. I didn't do much, but at least i did something! We are going to try to work out more often, hopefully we really do because I have put on quite a bit of weight!

It's starting to feel a little more like home here, not just like I'm having a sleepover with a bunch of friends. So that is nice that I'm starting to feel a little more comfortable, well besides my bed of course, that still sucks to sleep on!