Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sorry for the wait!

I figured I should probably get on and do my blog since it's been a week and my parents keep asking me when I am going to update my blog! (: So I have a lot to write after a week, so sorry if this bores you!

So Friday I got out of class and left right for home at 9, I was so excited to get home earlier in the day rather than that night! I got to town around 12 and was going to surprise Codie and go to lunch with her, I should have been smarter and called her earlier than I did because she was at lunch with my dad! It sucked because I really wanted to see her but that's okay because I still go to see her later that week! I then went home and grabbed something quick for lunch so that I could hurry and go see Dylan, he had just gotten his wisdom teeth taken out the day before! I promised him I would bring him ice cream that day but we decided we were going to get it later. He thought that his face was really chubby, but I didn't think it was really that swollen! We watched TV, played games, and then took a nap. His mom made this amazing soup, I don't really know what it was, but it was great! After dinner we met my parents at Arctic Circle to get some Ice Cream. After that we went back to my house and hung out until Dylan's mom came to pick him up.

Saturday morning my dad woke me up and we went to Kneeder's with Codie. We got the all you can eat French Toast, it was really good, but Codie said it is usually better so I am going to have to go again! Next time I go I am getting a Pumpkin Steamer, I love them and they are seasonal so I need to get at least one before they are gone! We went back to the house and watched conference until my mom got off work, she wanted to go to lunch. I was still full from breakfast but I really wanted to go out with my mom so I was willing to eat again! I got the one of the salads with Codie, it wasn't too bad. I went to Dylan's and watched the rest of the second half of conference with them. We were all going to see Annabelle that night at 8. Me and Dylan had no idea what to do until 8! We ended up playing battle ships and connect four until then, it was a lot of fun. Especially because I totally whooped his but...(: just kidding, I did win quite a bit, but he one the last game of "winner takes it all" so I lost! Before Annabelle we went to Rumbi for dinner, I had never been there, I really liked it! Now it was time for Annabelle! That movie was so scary! It wasn't as bad as conjuring, but it still scared me! After the movie I went back to Dylan's and watched a recording of him after surgery. It was hilarious! He reminded me of a little boy kind of, he is so cute(:

Sunday was a sad day again because I had to leave. All of my family and Dylan watched the second half of conference together and then had lunch. Lunch was pretty good but the chicken was really spicy, it was funny to watch people eat it! I felt bad though because Dylan couldn't really eat the chicken so he just had potatoes and ice cream, he probably was starving! I couldn't get myself to leave, it was so hard! I finally left around 7, I didn't get back until 10!

The other sign says
"Boyfriends are like Trash,
Your roommates shouldn't take them out"
Monday I took my first test for Human Anatomy and Physiology, I got an 84 which is a bit better than I thought I would do! After that I just did homework until FHE. We were getting family pictures done in our tie dye shirts. We were also meeting one of the Bishopric members to talk. They gave us a lesson on making our homes like Zion, they also gave us cookies! After FHE we went to Nielson's to try their snow cones, I didn't even know they had snow cones. They weren't that good, I prefer their concretes. When we went home we were getting a little fed up with all the trash two of our roommates had been leaving around so we made a huge pile of it all and then made posters sort of hinting to "clean up your crap" they are quite hilarious, I will post a picture of one!

Tuesday was a pretty good day me and my Aunt Michelle went for a run and then just hung out until we had to go to lunch with my grandparents and uncle. We went to this Mexican restaurant called Greengos, I'm not the biggest fan of Mexican food, but it wasn't too bad, they had good raspberry lemonade! After Greengo's my grandpa had an eye appointment so me Michelle and Jason all went and walked around the Temple until he was done. I hadn't really been a fan of the Rexburg temple, I didn't think it was that pretty. But now that I actually walked around it and got a closer look, I like it much better!

My new awkward family
Wednesday I donated plasma again, my arm is bruised a little bit, so I am hoping it goes away for when I go to donate on Friday because they don't let you if your arms are bruised! While I was sitting at the Plasma place they turned on Shrek, normally this wouldn't be bad but Amber showed me a video that has ruined Shrek forever! I just couldn't watch it the same! We heard about this free potato bar, so we were of course going to get free food! It was really good considering that it was free! They also gave us ice cream, cookies, and popcorn! I also one a $5 coupon for more ice cream! I think I have received more free stuff here than I have in my whole life, I love it! When we got home there was still a pizza box on the counter from over a week ago, can you guess who it's from? Yes the messy two. We had even asked them many times to throw it out, so i threw it in their room. I don't know if they were too happy about finding it their! But I didn't care because I had just found out the night before that those Dinks ate my Peanut Butter Oreo's, I don't really want to play nice anymore....haha just kidding (: My roommate was telling us we need to watch American Horror Story, so we watched the season premier that was disturbing. I'm not sure if I will watch it again!

Today has been a great day. Me and Amber both don't have class so we have been planning to watch TV all day and eat pizza! Today couldn't have been a more perfect day for us to have off because unfortunately Amber's grandpa died last night ): I woke up this morning and she hadn't slept at all, luckily she finally fell asleep for a little bit, she looked like she needed rest. While she was sleeping I decided to make her muffins to try and cheer her up. We then watched how to train your dragon 2, I like the first one better but it was still good! After that we just watched whatever we could find on TV while I did some homework. Then around lunch I made her the best pizza ever...DiGorno! I'm not the best at comforting people, I never know what to say, so I just feed them to comfort them!

I am so excited for tomorrow, my parents and Dylan are coming up here! I am really excited to see them and show them all around. I really wish my sister and brother in law could come up, but they will have to come some other time!

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