Thursday, October 23, 2014

Longest Week

Monday night was an interesting night. In the middle of the night I was all of a sudden woken up by Ashlee and was crouching between the bed's. When she asked me what I was doing I replied "How did I get in the middle of the room?" and then she told me that I had jumped out of bed started ducking between the beds screaming "OH MY HELL" over and over again! It was so weird! I went back to bed and not to much later I hear "BROOKE, GO BACK TO BED!" I was in my bed so I replied "Ashlee, what are you talking about?" then Ashlee freaks out and say's "Oh my gosh! It's not you by the door?! I have been hearing someone rattling the door and whispering!" That sort of freaked me out, especially since my bed is the one closest to the door! I never heard anything, but Ashlee swears she did. We all think the house is haunted because not to log ago Megan sat up in her sleep and just stared at a wall forever and went back to bed, when Amber asked about it, she couldn't remember doing it. Then their is me screaming and Ashlee hearing whispering. Now tabby woke up with a huge bruise on her leg and has no idea what it is from, so yeah....there is a ghost here. 

Tuesday wasn't really all that exciting of a day, I just studied all day because midterms are coming up...I'm not so excited about that. After class got out Ashlee wanted me to go to IF with Amber to see her at work. I wasn't to excited about the drive there, plus there was no way I could afford to eat at her work, it is so expensive there! When we got there Ashlee was off and we sat down and she asked what we wanted to eat, me and Amber just sat there and looked at each other because both of us knew that we couldn't afford to eat. Ashlee then said "get whatever you want I am buying" that was really nice of her. She got us an appetizer, made us each get our own plate, and got us dessert. We ate until we were completely stuffed! Ashlee has these things called pasta points so it covered most of our meal luckily, I felt bad if she had to pay for all of that! I forgot to mention that me and Amber had to sneak out of the house because we didn't really want to bring Megan. Well that sort of made things awkward. None of the other roommates would really talk to us at all when we got back, even when we would try to talk to them they wouldn't reply. It's been a little awkward around here lately. I don't know why they think that we have to do everything together!

Wednesday was another day filled with studying. I had an interview at wingers that night, it was such a weird interview. Then again it was the only interview I have had, I've always been hooked up with my jobs by someone I know. Anyways, I go in he asked me a list of weird questions, some seemed irrelevant, and then said thank you and I left. I don't know if they will call me back or anything, but I sort of hope not because he said that they were mostly looking for weekend help and I don't like that. There was a free dinner thing at our apartment that started at 530. Me Ash and Amber were all going to go once we all got home. I was at my interview until about 6. Amber went to take a test at 5, and Ashlee was at a baby shower. When I got home I went in my room to watch Netflix until they got home. It started getting later and later and finally at 8 I went in the living room to watch TV. At about 9 Amber pokes her head around the corner, She had been home since like 7 and I had no idea!! She had been waiting for me and I had been waiting for her and we were in the same house! For some reason when Amber got home and asked Megan where I was, she told her that I wasn't home? Obviously we missed the free dinner, and Ashlee didn't even get home until 10.

I leave for home tomorrow. I feel like I haven't been home in forever! Why I named this the longest week is because everyday this week has dragged. It feels like every day has more hours in it than normal! I just can't wait to be home again. I know my parent's came and saw me last week, which I am highly grateful for, but I miss being back at home too! Ashlee and Amber are kind of upset that I am leaving because there is a Halloween party they want me to go to Friday night with them. As much as I want to hang with them, I hate parties, and I miss home. I am not much of a dancer as I have previously said, so it's just awkward when I go and we stand there like you do at lame Jr. High dances. Plus all people really are there for is to pick up guys, and the only guy I want to pick up is down in Utah! So yeah, I don't mind if they are upset, dance parties are lame. Sorry I don't have any pictures this week so the blog is even more lame than normal, so I posted a picture of cute lab puppies instead!

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