Thursday, October 2, 2014


Again I apologize for taking a bit to post again, mostly apologizing to you Dylan ;) So Tuesday as always was completely uneventful. I don't have class until 5 so it's the waiting game of what to do until then. I did a bit of my homework but felt completely unmotivated to really do anything so instead I just watched TV all day...exciting live right? After class I came home and watched TV again with my roommates. Around 10 Amber sits up and said "alright we need to get out, what is there to do" so we sat there forever trying to figure out what to do, and of course we haven't a clue what there is. Especially after 10 on a school night in Rexburg, everything starts to shut down by then! So of course we chose to go get ice cream, all my decisions of things to do end up with food of some sort.

We went to go get ice cream at this place called Scoops. I really like this place, one reason is because its freaking cheap, it's only a dollar for every scoop! The other reason I like it is because it's Farr's ice cream from back home! It's not as good because they don't have as many flavors, but they still have a lot, and it was all the best ones! I will definitely be going back there for all my ice cream cravings, which is all the time...(:

Wednesday was a pretty good day. I went and donated plasma, I was there FOREVER. I'm glad I actually passed to be able to donate because last time I tried I was so nervous that they wouldn't let me do it, it was retarded. Actually donating was really cool though! It was really cool to see the tube that took my blood put it in the spinning machine to separate my plasma and then put the rest of my blood back in. I couldn't believe how much plasma they took, it was a huge bottle, and I was on the lowest end of how much they can take! It felt so cool getting it taken though! When they are taking it out my hand would go all numb like when your leg falls asleep or something. When they were putting blood back in I could feel it go all the way down back to my fingers. It reminded me of when me and my sister were in church we would cut circulation off to our hands. It would make it feel numb and then we would pretend that an invisible string was being pulled through our hand when the blood went rushing back into our fingers. It felt like that but more intense, I thought it was pretty cool!

Later that night Megan had heard about a bonfire that was going on and wanted to go, so Amber Ashlee and I tagged along. It was so awkward, we walked up and people just looked at us and then went back to their groups talking. We just stood there and stared at the fire for like 10 mins. Finally we decided to leave and do something else, and guess what we did...GOT ICE CREAM. We went to Walmart and were going to get mint ice cream. This Walmart is really small and doesn't have much in it so there was no mint ice cream! So we got vanilla ice cream and mint Oreo's to make shakes! The shakes were pretty dang good, I sort of feel like a brat because we only made them for me Ashlee Megan and Amber. You could tell that the other two wanted some but we were sort of on edge with them because they never clean up their dishes and one of them owes Ashlee a lot of yeah we just made it for us. We were nice and didn't eat it in front of them though!

That night was another night where we stayed up until two ish talking, but luckily I didn't have class this morning! I leave tomorrow to go back to Utah for the weekend!! I am so excited, it cant come fast enough! Dylan got his wisdom teeth out so I am going to bring him ice cream and keep him company! I can't wait to see his chubby cheeks from surgery!!(:

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