Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tie Dye

Yesterday was a very unproductive day. I woke up and went to school, and then right back to bed when I got home. I finally woke up again around 1130 and took a test and did homework all day. I didn't ever really leave my computer besides to eat!

It was FHE night and our brothers were coming over to make Tie Dye shirts. We were going to do it outside but it was pouring rain so we decided to do it in our apartment...if you have ever done Tie Dye before you will know it's not the cleanest activity ever, especially with messy boys! We had a table cloth type thing to try to help, but there was still dye all over the table and even on the floor! I also had it all over my hands because I dropped a bottle of dye when I was trying to fill it!! I have to turn in job applications today and my hand is almost all purple!! It has come out a little bit, now my hand looks more black then purple which is a little better I guess! Ashlee made these amazing Oreo Truffles for FHE. My mom usually has me make them for Christmas to hand out for people and it takes forever, so it was nice not being the one making them!

After FHE we were all going to watch a movie, but as usual we never end up watching a movie when we plan to! Instead we decided to play Sardines. I have played this game once before but it is much more fun in our apartment because it is pitch black so you cant see anything! In this game you turn out all the lights and one person hides. Everyone goes looking for them and when you find the person you cram in to their hiding spot with them and everyone does the same until there is one person left looking. Everyone had some great hiding spots, it took us awhile to find everyone who hid! Ashlee's was awesome, it took us 32 minutes to find her!

I thought that I had a brilliant hiding spot so I was really excited for it to be my turn to hide...well my spot ended up being a pretty idiotic spot as well. I was trying to think of a spot no one would ever think to look, and the spot i came up with was the shower. I sprawled my legs and arms out on opposite sides of the shower and crawled up the wall until I was touching the ceiling, I thought they would never find me. I was right, they couldn't find me. I was also very tired and my arms were about to give out, much longer and I was going to fall! I started making a little bit of noise so that they had a general idea of where I was, this didn't help any, still no one was going to check above the shower! Finally I heard Amber feeling in the tub for me so I whispered "Amber" and she could not figure out where I was coming from. I told her that she needed to find me because I was about to fall, well this made her start laughing and then I started laughing...this made it even harder for me too stay up! Luckily I was able to keep hold myself there until everyone found me. I now know that if I have a good hiding spot, I need to make sure it won't be hard to stay in if it takes a long time for people to find me!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Island Park

I've  sort of slacked on my blogging, but I have been pretty busy, so I will just Post when I can!
Mesa Falls
Thursday I went to my Aunt Michelle's and hung out with her for a bit, she invited me to go to Island Park that night to go see my Uncle's. It was really nice seeing my Uncle B and Uncle Tad, I missed them! When we got there they gave us dinner, after dinner was the best surprise ever! My Aunts no bake cookies!!! I love no bake cookies, she gave me the recipe but I just can't seem to make them like hers. I'm pretty sure I ate like half of the cookies...(: The next morning I was going to wake up and come home and go to school...but I decided that school didn't sound so fun and hanging with my family would be better! B and Michelle took me to breakfast, it was pretty good, I don't remember the name of the place though! After breakfast we went to Mesa Falls, It was so pretty! Skipping school was totally worth it, I am really glad I went to Island Park!

When I got back to my apartment and it was time to start packing to head home! I was so excited, it had only been a week since I last saw everyone, but I missed them like crazy! I was getting a ride with Ashlee and her friend Lucy since they were making a trip down there to visit their friend Maddie. The drive home wasn't too bad because I wasn't by myself and I was able to sleep! I just had Ashlee and Lucy drop me off the Antelope exit and Dylan came and picked me up. I was so glad he picked me up because I couldn't wait much longer to see him! My parents took us to Texas Rhode House, which I was happy about because I hadn't eaten all day!

Saturday morning Codie came over. I missed her so much, I hate going from seeing everyone almost everyday, to maybe seeing them on the weekends. While my mom was doing hair Codie my dad and I went to this new place called Fizz since I had never been there. It was pretty good, I got a Raspberry Peach Cream Lemonade. I think the cookie was my favorite part though, I'm not much of a drink person since I stopped drinking pop. After that we Just all hung out and talked and Dylan came and hung with us too. Codie had to go home and then my parents left for a movie so me and Dylan went and hung out with his sister Kelsey. We went to the store to get some groceries and Dylan got Digiorno for dinner...that's my favorite Pizza...he is kind of the best (:

After dinner Dylan's friends Scott and Stephanie came over. I had heard lots about them so I was glad to finally meet them, they were pretty cool! We watched The Conjuring...I've seen that movie once before and I think it freaked me out just as bad as the first time I watched it! We then were going to a haunted house called Asylum 49. If you haven't heard of this haunted house, it is a full contact haunted house so they can pick you up and take you away, its pretty awesome! Luckily I didn't get separated from Dylan, I think I would have cried if I did! It was funny though because Kortnie went in ahead of us, and we picked her up along the way because they had taken her from her group and put her on a hospital bed! I definitely recommend going to this haunted house, I had such a blast that day!(:

Trip to Utah
Unfortunately we are now at Sunday. I couldn't believe how fast that weekend had went by. I felt like I had just barely got back home and now it was time to leave again!): Dylan, Codie, and Chase came over for lunch. It was good being with everyone, but I was pretty sad that whole day knowing that I was going to have to leave soon. I thought that everything would get easier as time went on, but I was wrong. It is getting so much harder! Every time I visit the less I come back. I cant imagine how hard it is going to be to leave next time I visit!

It is conference next weekend and Dylan is also getting his wisdom teeth out so I am planning on going to Utah again...yes, I have been there every weekend since I have been here, but I don't care! (: But the weekend after conference I will not be going to Utah! Only because everyone is coming here for my cousins baptism and to go to the haunted mill....I'm kind of way excited! I can't wait to show everyone around up here!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Pizza Pie

Today Ashlee's friend invited us to come get free facials from her school. We were all pretty excited about it thinking we would get like face masks and this awesome skin treatment...well we were wrong, it was a Mary Kay party. First you do like this ghetto face wash with a wipe and then they only had us put the moisturizer on half of our face!! I don't know about you, but I want my whole face to be silky smooth, not just half! After our face wash we put on make up, the cover up and bronzer weren't bad but then it was time for the eye shadow. This girl gave us blue and purple eye shadow and none of us wanted to use it, but she would not let us use natural colors! We started putting it on and you could tell every single one of us hated it! Luckily there was like a make up professional who came over and could probably tell our eye shadow needed some serious help. After she fixed us all up we ended up actually liking our eye make up! I would probably never do it like that again because I don't like dark make up, but it was a nice change I guess!

It was then the part of the night that we had all been waiting days for...5.55 buffet and dancing at The Pizza Pie!! When we got there the line was insanely long, it was killing me to wait even more for my pizza! Once we finally got through the line I piled my plate with 4 slices of pizza and then some desert pizza...I ate it all...(: After we had all stuffed ourselves we thought we would go out and see what the dancing was like. If you read my last blog, you know that I can't dance so it was sort of a disaster! All the other roommates could dance, but luckily Ashlee is also kind of an awkward dancer so I didn't feel to weird! There was also a fee photo booth which was cool, it was just hard to fit all 6 girls into the picture! The party wasn't really anything as great as the pizza so we all dipped out early, but that is okay because Amber has a strobe light so we had a dance party in her hallway! It was a lot of fun.

It's also almost Friday, and that means it's almost time for me and Ashy to go to Utah. I am so stoked, I know I just visited home last weekend, but I already miss everyone like crazy!

Elder Holland

Today was a fairly normal day. I didn't have class until 5 and I had a Devotional I wanted to go to at 2. So me and Ash just stayed home and cleaned and did our homework until then. We decided we would leave at 1 for the Devotional because Elder Holland was coming to speak! When we got in the building I was so amazed. It was just like a smaller version of the conference center, it was so cool! The place filled up every seat, I couldn't believe how many people were there!

Waiting For Devotional
When Elder Holland entered the room it instantly got silent and everyone stood up. Elder Holland did the cutest thing and kissed his hand and waved everyone to sit down. When he was talking it seemed like he talked a little different than he does in Conference, I don't know if this is true it just seemed that way to me. He was cracking jokes the whole time at the begging. Once he got more seriously into the talk, it was amazing the spirit that I felt in the room. He gave a talk on true happiness. He said that happiness is like a butterfly, the more we chase it, the further it goes away from us. Often happiness finds us when we least expect it. He also said that no person can have true happiness when they have anger or thoughts. He used the scripture in D&C to "garnish our thoughts with virtue" which was really cool because that was our spiritual thought the night before in FHE. I was so glad I got the chance to see him speak, it was such a great experience. (Also I am not the best at summarizing so if you would like to listen to Elder Hollands talk visit https://byui-media.ldscdn.org/byui_ft/devo_audio/23_09_2014_Devo.mp3)
Here is an idea of what i look like...

After that I had class, nothing exciting to tell you about that. Then me and Ashlee decided to try Zumba. I felt like a complete idiot...I am the most uncoordinated white girl you will ever meet. Not only am I uncoordinated, but I have these long arms and legs that just flail all over the place! If you can imagine a Praying-mantis trying to dance, that's probably what I look like, in fact I probably look worse! To make me feel even better about my great dancing, all the girls around me were like way good dancers who really got into it, it was such a self esteem booster... ;)

Day 9

Later that night we rode the shuttle to the grocery store because we were running low on somethings and I also really wanted Oreo's. We had about a half hour to get our groceries and be back for the shuttle. Me and Ash thought we would totally make it no problem...well we were wrong. We missed the shuttle by like 5 minutes! Luckily Harry was at the school playing basketball so Ash called him to come save us! Well we got bored so we started to eat our cookies and then we decided to work out right there in the parking lot! We did squats, leg kicks, lunges, jumping jacks, just anything we could think of! I'm pretty sure everyone at the store thought we were insane!

Finally we made it home and were able to cook dinner! I was starving. Ashlee made Taco Soup, it was soo good. All of us roommates were going to watch a movie together, but that turned into all of us talking and then talking turned into doing homework. That was weird for us because normally we all say we have homework, but end up watching TV or something! It is now 1:40 and I am writing this Blog...I have class at 7:45. I need to get on a better sleeping schedule, I'm going to be so tired tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sick Day

Sunday night
Day 7
I  haven't wrote for a few days so I will have to go back a few days. Sunday I had to leave Utah to come back. It was even harder to leave the second time then it was the first time! I love school, but gosh is it hard to live away from everyone I love! I stopped at my Aunts house to say hi and help her daughter out with a school project, it was pinning bugs to a bored. I didn't mind touching any of the bugs, but i could not touch any of the spiders even if they were dead! She then fed me dinner and these yummy mini cheesecake things. After that I came home and watched a movie with everyone.

Monday morning I woke up around 530 with a sharp pain in my stomach. I just laid there for a bit waiting for it to go away but it just kept getting worse! I got up to go get a drink of water or something and that's when it hit me, I was about to throw up. After all that it was time for me to start getting ready for school, I really didn't feel up to going. I hopped in the shower and when I got out it hit me again! So I decided I was not going to school and I went right back to bed. When I woke up I was feeling a little bit better but not great, so I went to my teachers later class and just sat in to see what i missed. After school I decided to try and eat to see if i could hold it down and I could! I think it must have been something I ate the night before!

Our cookies
Later that night we had FHE, that is family home evening for those of you who don't know. Our FHE brothers are really cool, but this time it was going to be awkward to see them! We have this roommate that is a bit boy crazy...well she is obsessed with our brothers. She got their numbers and calls them all the time, asks them to give her rides everywhere, and even shows up to their apartment all the time! They have started to try and avoid her, and then to make it worse, she danced sort of...disgustingly with one of them at the stoplight party and he didn't even know it was her until she talked to him about it later that weekend! So now it's like super weird. Anyways we were going over to their house to make cookies and plan out the rest of our FHE's for the summer. Things weren't too bad at first while we were planning, but then while we were making cookies, it got a little weird. I don't really know how to explain it, but our roommate was just trying to hard. Then one of the brothers used to take tango/salsa lessons so he grabbed Amber and started to teach her how to dance, well it ended being the guy that danced with the boy crazy one...she was giving the death look to Amber!

After we got back Ashlee and I decided that we needed to finally start our workout, so we went to the gym. It felt so good to finally work out again, I haven't worked out in so long. I didn't do much, but at least i did something! We are going to try to work out more often, hopefully we really do because I have put on quite a bit of weight!

It's starting to feel a little more like home here, not just like I'm having a sleepover with a bunch of friends. So that is nice that I'm starting to feel a little more comfortable, well besides my bed of course, that still sucks to sleep on!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Trip Home

 This weekend was my first trip home to visit, it was the longest drive of my life. I missed everyone so much and I was so eager to get home that it dragged the drive out FOREVER. Once I finally got home I got to spend sometime with my dad and he showed me kid history videos forever until Dylan came and picked me up.

To kind of put names with faces
here is Dylan
Dylan and I went to Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus with his sister Kortnie and her friend. It was so much fun. I love haunted houses, Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday! I get pretty easily scared so I think that is what makes haunted houses so much fun to me. This one was good because Dylan even got scared a few times! Dylan also loves haunted houses so we are going to try and hit up some of our favorite ones this year! One of my favorites is Haunted Mill in Idaho, I'm pretty excited for him to go to that one! We also want to try to go to Asylum 49, that one is supposed to be really scary because they are aloud to pick you up and take you away, they can even stick you in a closet or something! I won't let them pull me away from my group tho, I'm going to hang on tight!

The next morning my mom woke me up way early so she could see me before she went to work I totally thought I was still in Idaho and asked her what she was doing there before I realized I was in Utah! Once we were talking and I finally started to actually wake up I realized she was crying, when i asked her what was wrong she said she just missed me! It was cute, I missed her too.
Here is My Family
Codie, Chase, Mom, Dad
after she left, I fell asleep again, next thing i know my dad came in and woke me at 630 to get donuts!! We went and got a dozen donuts and only ate like 2 1/2 between the two of us! He then wanted to watch kid history all morning, he was getting upset because I kept falling asleep, but it was sooo hard to keep my eyes open!! After watching the you tube videos we went to figure out what was wrong with my Jeep. Luckily it wasn't what we thought it was at first and it was a lot cheaper and easier fix!

and here is Kortnie
Dylan came over and we went to lunch with my parents. We went to Dragon Hill, I'm pretty sure I over stuff myself every time I go there, It's just so dang good! After stuffing our faces we were all pretty full so we just went home and hung out until it was time for Codie and Chase to come over. It was so good being with all of my favorite people again. We had dinner together and then all of us went to Farr's for ice cream with Kortnie. It was so much fun, we were telling tons of stories, I don't think I have laughed so hard in while! We heard some pretty hilarious, it will definitely be a night I will never forget!

Tomorrow is my last day here, so my mom is making a pot roast lunch. I can't believe how fast this weekend went by. I am not ready to leave everyone. On the bright side though, i'm not going back up to something I hate, and Ashlee and I will be back down here next weekend for her friends birthday so I will get to see everyone again!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Free Day

To start out today, I'm going to have to go back to late last night. We were all in bed, it was probably about midnight, and me and Ashlee heard music and talking outside. Ashlee gets up and goes to look what it is and its a bunch of boy dropping off girls, next thing I know I hear "kiss her! kiss her!". Standing over at the window peeking out the blinds is my cousin screaming to these people to be a man and kiss the girls...I was in shock. They started yelling back to us and telling us to come down there and kiss them ourselves and Ashy just keeps egging them on! Next thing we know they are making their way up to our apartment! I run out to make sure the front door is locked and there are our roommates trying to figure out what the Sam heck is going on! Some how the kids find our room and start knocking on our door asking us to kiss them and Ashlee screams to them that we turn into pumpkins at midnight....she has an interesting mind...(: Then she opens the freaking door! All of the roommates go screaming down the hall like little girls, but luckily they were leaving and didn't try to come in! As they drove away they said they would be back, we will see if that is true, I sure hope not.

Now to actually talk about today, none of us had early morning classes so we all decided to sleep in. Well Ashlee, Amber, and I didn't have anything until later that day. We seriously sat on the couch all day watching friends and the only time we got up was to make ourselves food and then we would sit on the couch again. Finally Ash had work and I had school so we actually got ready for the day around 4 o'clock! While I was walking around campus i noticed something so weird, the handicap spots are shaped like Idaho! I always just thought that back home it was just a coincidence that they were shaped like Utah, so i totally took a picture. I probably looked like an idiot taking a picture of that, but oh well, i don't know anyone!
Day 4

After school we went to go get pizza with our free pizza card, we also go cheese bread. The pizza was so amazing and we downed everything! I had been craving pizza since I got here so it was nice to finally have it. We then went to Sammy's again because they were handing out free ice cream. That is how tonight was named free night, we got dinner and dessert for free! 

On our walk back home from Sammy's we came across this dead snake, it was a pretty decent size too! Well Megan is way afraid of snakes so amber picked it up and chased her with it. Megan screamed and ran like she was running from a killer, it was hilarious. I wish we could have gotten it on video! We stayed up talking until about 1 and i have class tomorrow at 7:45 and I'm writing this....so we will see how tomorrow goes!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Discovering American Cream

Today started out as an average day. I went to my Human Anatomy and Physiology class...I feel like that class is going to be fairly easy for me since i have taken so many classes talking about the exact same thing. I then came home and studied....seriously all day. I have majority online classes so I am the only one home for majority of the day and it gets so boring around the house!

Later that day we had an apartment meeting, we played games and my room totally won! We got toilet paper, cleaning supplies, popcorn, and best part FREE PIZZA!!!! We are really excited about the pizza....that's every college students dream, free food!

After we finished dinner and did all of our homework, well at least as much as we could handle doing, we started to get really bored. We all finally decided to go for a walk, we didn't really have anywhere in mind, we just set out to see where we ended up. We came across this place called Sammy's and decided to check it out. Sammy's is this really cool little place, they have food and a live band. The band that was playing was American Cream and they were actually really good! They gave us free CD's and T-shirts!! We all got pictures with them and then came home and got pictures with our new shirts. It ended up being a great night and it was totally unplanned.

I am really loving college, and I really like my roommates. I am having so much fun and am so happy I followed through on moving up here!

Arriving at School

1st Day of School
I am going to attempt to start a blog so that I can look back at my experiences I had while going to school. I've never done this before and I'm not sure how it works, so we will see how this goes!

I moved all my stuff into my apartment Friday September 12, 2014. It felt way weird moving everything in, it hadn't hit me yet! We then went shopping for my groceries and small things that I would need around the house, this stressed me out to no end. My poor family had to put up with me, I am so grumpy when I am stressed out! That whole weekend I stayed with my family at my Aunts house, she was so much help that weekend, I don't know what i would do without her! Once Sunday came it was time to say goodbye to my family, head up to my apartment and go to Church! It was hard saying goodbye to everyone, but I still don't think it had hit me yet! That night me and my cousin Ashlee went to her boyfriend's (Harry) house for dinner, it was so good!

Monday morning was my first day of school, that's that's about the time it hit me and i started getting depressed because I had no idea what to do in my free time, I had no friends yet! I was also super stressed because I had no idea how to work I-Learn so it was all getting over whelming. I was missing my family and my boyfriend so much, I had planned on coming home that weekend. Unfortunately something is wrong with my jeep so my mom told me that I wouldn't be able to come down, which made me way upset. That night we went to FHE and met our FHE family, I absolutely love my family, I think they will be a lot of fun!

2nd day, looking more like students already!

Tuesday came around and I didn't have class until 5...this was horrible! None of my roommates were home so i got extremely bored and finished all my homework for the rest of the week! I was so lonely, but my dad called and gave me good news that he wanted me to come down that weekend so he could fix my jeep!! That cheered me up a lot. That night I hung out with my roommates all night, it was so much fun and instantly made my experience here get so much better.

I am absolutely loving it up here now. I miss everyone so much, but I am really glad that I came up here, I definitely think I will stay here longer than just one semester like i thought i would be doing right before i moved up here. I am really excited for these things called block parties they have, I will be missing one this weekend, but hopefully there will be more that i can attend!