Monday, October 27, 2014

Finally home!

Thursday night Amber Ashlee Jake and I were all going to meet and get ice cream together. While we were waiting for Ash and Jake I got a call from Ash telling me that she wasn't coming because tray had got into an ATV accident and was in the hospital. It was so scary. I was going to go down and see him but it was really late and I wasn't sure when visiting hours were. I felt really bad for not going so on my way out of town on Friday I went to go see him. The poor kid has fractured majority of his thoracic vertebrae, collapsed a lung, broke his shoulder and so much more I can't remember. He is going to be in the hospital for a while, it's going to be a long process until they are finished fixing him up. I am so glad he is alive though, it's so hard to see him in this much pain, he is my baby tray!! ):

Once I got into town on Friday I went to lunch with my mom, it was a lot of fun! After lunch I went to Dylan's, it was so good seeing him after 2 weeks! We carved pumpkins together, I had been wanting to carve pumpkins so it was nice of him to do that with me even though carving pumpkins is sometimes frustrating! After that we went to Dragon Hill with my mom and dad, I wish we had a Dragon Hill up here! We all watched a scary movie after that, it wasn't the best scary movie, but it wasn't the worst one either.
Saturday morning we woke up and went to Kneeder's for all you can eat french toast. It was amazing, but I cant really eat that much! Later that night we were going to a Halloween party and scavenger hunt with Dylan's family so we needed to go get stuff for our costumes. Dylan was getting tights and I figured they were for his sister...they were for him!! It was hilarious, but it actually looked really great with his costume! We helped decorate cookies with his mom for a bit, but then we needed to start getting ready because Dylan's costume was going to take a while! It took us a little over 3 hours to get everyone's make up ready! But we all ended up looking really good! Especially Dylan, his creeped me out and I knew it was him! Me and Dylan had to stay at this creepy barn for the scavenger hunt, I was so freaked out! Especially because I had to sit at a creepy barn with a creepy clown!! After the hunt was over we had to hurry and get out of our costume so that we could go with Scott and his girlfriend to a haunted house. It took a while to get all the make up off, especially Dylan's mask. Plus he glued the wig to his head by accident with latex so that took a was hilarious to watch!! Dylan couldn't get all the make up off in time for the haunted house so he went out with eye liner on, it was awesome!(:

Well it was Sunday again. I couldn't believe how fast the weekend came and went. Me and my mom made pumpkin cookies that morning. Dylan, my grandparents and my aunt came over for lunch, it was good seeing them, it had been a while! After lunch Codie and Chase came over!! I haven't seen Codie for like 3 weeks! I  missed and still miss everyone so so much. I just want to be home! Leaving this weekend was probably the hardest it has ever been. If it keeps getting harder I don't think I will be able to leave!

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