Thursday, November 6, 2014


Monday was a pretty lame day. I woke up, went to school, donated plasma, did my homework, and then just laid on the couch...all day. The time change must have really kicked my but because I was really tired! I didn't even go to FHE! All my roommates are excited for Christmas and started playing Christmas music and decorations. We already have so many decorations up and its not even close to thanksgiving yet...its killing me. I went to be early that night like I did the night before.

Tuesday I still woke up tired! I don't know if it is because my bed is worse than sleeping on a rock so I'm not getting great sleep or if it's because of the time change, but I cannot catch up on sleep it seems! I miss my bed at home so much...I just miss home so much. Tuesday was another uneventful day until after school I had a meeting with the bishop. I got a calling as relief society humanitarian? They couldn't even tell me what that was, that shows how unimportant it is and they are just trying to give everyone a calling. Ashlee got a calling as like a temple enthusiast, she is supposed to encourage people to go to the temple haha. After the meeting I went to the grocery store to get groceries for when Codie comes this weekend! I went to the store for apples, DiGorno, and these little cherry Hersey kisses that only come out around Christmas (one of the only things I like early Christmas is for those Hersey kisses, and the chocolate orange balls, funny story about that later!) I ended up leaving the store with cereal, sweetish fish, Chocolate orange ball, and luckily apple's. I didn't even get majority of the things I wanted! I got the sweetish fish for when I go to visit Tracen because those are his favorite, and once I saw the chocolate orange balls I couldn't resist getting one because me and Codie absolutely love those and I wanted to surprise her with it this weekend! Turns out that Codie saw them and got the same idea and bought me one too! We are pretty much the same person. (: I didn't get the pizza because at the store here they are 9 bucks! Back home they are only like 5! I am just going to grab the pizza when I go to IF to see Tracen!

When I woke up on Wednesday I wasn't quite as tired as I had been, but I still felt like I was dragging! When I donated plasma the nurse messed up the needle and someone had to come back and fix it. The nurse that messed it up was a girl, the last time I had a girl she messed up too. I now do not like girl nurses. I have a bruise on my arm so that means I can't donate from that arm until it goes away! This bruise is pretty bad so it wont go away for awhile! I hope that my other arm doesn't bruise so that I can keep donating! The rest of the day I didn't really do much. Ashlee and Amber wanted to go to wingers to eat the unlimited sticky fingers. I ate way to much. I felt so sick after! but it was so good! I'm pretty sure my waiter didn't think I would be able to put down that many sticky fingers because he gave me a weird look when I would ask for more, but I was going to get my monies worth of sticky fingers! He wasn't the best waiter...okay he completely sucked. But at the end no one wanted to tip him. Ashlee and Amber didn't even give him a 10% tip, in fact I don't think Ashlee even gave him a 5% tip! I felt bad so I at least gave him a 15% tip, I'm sure he was pretty pissed.

Today I am going to try to go and visit Tracen and my Grandma and then pick up the pizzas for this weekend. I think Ashlee said she was wanting to go down to IF with me but she is still asleep and its 11. I only have limited time because I have class tonight so I might wake her and see if she really wants to go. I just wish it was the weekend and Codie was here! Even though I have been home a lot, I haven't really been able to see her because she was hunting or at work! It will be nice to see her for the weekend! It sort of sucks tho because I probably won't go home again until thanksgiving. It's going to be so hard to not see my family and Dylan for that long! on the bright side, thanksgiving break is going to be a long one so I will have lots of time with everyone! Also Dylan might be coming up to see me next weekend! I hope if he ends up coming the weather is good because I don't want him driving in bad weather! I have no pictures this week, sorry!

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