Monday, November 3, 2014


I haven't wrote for a week, and I honestly can't remember much that happened last week. I will just do a quick overview of it. Monday we had FHE, we carved pumpkins, everyone was sort of in a bad mood so it was a little awkward and no one really talked. Tuesday I think I just studied all day, basically all I did last week was studied because it was midterms! Wednesday I threw Ashlee a surprise birthday because no one was going to be home for her real birthday! We had brownies and pizza and then went to a haunted house. It was fun.

Now time for the weekend, which I actually remember! Thursday morning I went and took my test and then drove home! I know it was only Thursday but since it was the end of midterms I didn't have much going on so I skipped my class! I didn't tell Dylan or my mom because I wanted to surprise them! Once I got into town I had my dad invite my mom to lunch and I met them there, I was in the bathroom when my mom got there. When I walked out she looked up at me and said hi then looked down at her phone and then paused and looked back up at me and was like "wait what are you doing here?!" it was pretty funny! Next up was to surprise Dylan. The original plan was to go meet Kortnie and hide in her car and have her take him to Ice cream or something and then scare the crap out of him! Although that would have been hilarious, we would have had to wait until 7 and I found out that Dylan got off around 3, I couldn't wait that long to see him! I called his mom and we decided that she would take Dylan to the store and I would meet them there in one of the isles. It worked out great, he had his back turned to me when I got to the isle so I ran up and hugged him. He turned at the last second and saw me right before I hugged him. His face was priceless, he looked so confused. He sat there and stuttered for a bit trying to make sense of what had just happened, it was awesome!(: We went to their friends house and helped their kids carve pumpkins and rode small dirt bikes and four wheeler's on the track they had in the back yard, it was a blast! After that we went on a date to black island farms with Kortnie and this kid she had met the night before. It was a lot of fun, me and Dyl were mostly off in our own world though and didn't talk to the other two couples that much!

Friday morning I woke up and made this cheesy potato soup that Dylan's mom made for us once. We were going to have it for dinner that night but I made it sort of way early!(: Me and Dylan got together but didn't know what to do until we needed to get ready for Halloween! We just hung out and then went to see Codie at her work and sat with her for her lunch break. After that we went back to his house and had lunch and then started to get our costumes on. Dylan get so excited when he is in his costume, I love it! Once we were ready we went over to my house for dinner, the soup that I made was good, but Becky's is definitely best! We stayed there a lot longer than planned so we didn't really do anything In our costumes, but I didn't care because I love Halloween so it was still a lot of fun to just get ready in spirit of the holiday!(: later that night we went back to Dylan's and played hide and clap with his sisters, It was scary but was a fun sort of scary!

Saturday when I woke up I was a little bummed but then I realized it wasn't Sunday and I had an extra day! Me my parents and Dylan went to Fizz and then just hung out and watched TV until we went out to eat with my uncle Jason. We had such a hard time deciding what to eat that we all had to write a place down on a piece of paper and then draw it out of a box to decide where to go! We ended up going to Red Robin, it was a good choice! After that me and Dylan met up with my friend Jesee and her boyfriend for ice cream, It was good to see her again. Arctic Circle forgot to give us our mint in our mint Oreo shake though, that has happened before! We then watched SNL with my dad for the rest of the night.

Sunday I finally went to church! I went to Dylan's church with him, I'm glad I finally got to go for the first time since school has started! After church we went back to his house and had pizza then went to my house. When we got to my house it was funny because my parents asked us if we wanted pizza for lunch! We still had pizza with them anyways(: Codie and Chase came over and hung out with us and watched football. Stupid Cowboys lost. Unfortunately it was time to go again. It sucked. It gets so much harder every time. Especially this time because I don't know when I will be back home again for sure.

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