Monday, November 17, 2014


I don't really remember everything that happened last week, I don't think I really did much. I know I went to this Thai place in Rexburg with Ashlee that we wanted to try, but it ended up not being as good as the other Thai places we have been too. I also hung out with Bryan and Michelle one day and went to Panda Express for lunch and then went back and had burgers for dinner. Other than that I think the week was really lame!

Friday morning was sort of a rough morning because I couldn't sleep the night before. I think it was a mix of being excited Dylan was coming for the weekend and stress because I had just found out the night before that my grandpa was getting heart surgery that morning. The day seemed to drag on, and the weather had been horrible so I was really nervous for Dylan's drive up there. Me and ash decided to drive to her moms house to go hang with Tracen and wait for Dylan. When Dylan got there I picked him up from my grandmas and then went back to Shayla's for pizza. That night we planned to go to this party thing in Rexburg but we were waiting for Jake to get off work because he had said that he was going to go. We sat outside his work for about an hour and then when he got off he tried to drive away! When Ashlee stopped him he told us to follow him to his moms and then he would come. We went to his mom's and next thing you know he is driving off and ditches us! We couldn't get him to answer any of our called! I was pretty pissed! We went back to Rexburg and just hung at the apartment for a bit and then went back to my grandmas.

Saturday morning we went to action and rexburg motor sports, it was pretty cool, I kind of really want a dirt bike! Going there made me want to go riding even more tho! After that we went to Millhollow, which is an amazing sandwich place! They have the most amazing bread! After that we went to Craze with Bryan and Michelle and their kids. Craze is like a Sparetime, We played lazor tag and mini golf, it was a lot of fun! We then went back to my grandmas and watched a movie until dinner. We went to Johnny Corrino's so that we could see Ashlee. Corrino's was great as always! We went back and watched a movie with my grandparents after dinner. Ashlee called later that night and asked if we wanted to go bowling. When we met her there Jake ended up going, I was kind of upset...but I still had a lot of fun even though I didn't really want him there!
Sunday was sort of a lazy day and we just watched TV until Dylan had to leave. I had so much fun this weekend but I can't believe how fast it went by! It was so nice to see Dylan after 2 weeks! Luckily next weekend I get to go home for a whole week! I am so excited, it's going to be awesome!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

First Snow

Monday when I donated I got another girl nurse...I was really nervous and didn't want to donate anymore! But she actually did really well and I think I was one of my best donations that I have had! After donating I felt like I was on the phone for forever because first my dad called me, then McCall called me, then my sister called me, then McCall called me, then my mom, and then my dad again. I'm pretty sure adding all the calls made me be on the phone for about 4 hours! It was insane! But it was good to talk with all of them! We had FHE that night but I really am sick of FHE because they never plan anything anymore so we just sit there and try to figure out what to do and it's weird. It was the boy's turn to come to our house this time. Ashlee was in IF so she didn't have to go but me and Amber were stuck, we ended up hiding in my room and didn't go out there with them! 
Once they left we went back out into the living room and were all talking. We kept hearing screaming outside so we were went to look outside to see what all the chaos was was snowing. I actually don't mind the snow that much, it's just I don't want it to be bad weather when Dylan comes up this weekend, and I hope it isn't even worse when I go home for thanks giving. It can snow as much as it wants once the semester is over! Once all my roommates settled down and stopped screaming about how excited they were for Christmas and stopped playing their Christmas music, we started to get ready for bed. I'm in bed half asleep and then all of a sudden I hear Christmas music blasting! It sounds like someone is sitting next to my window playing it! I look outside and someone with apparently amazing speakers in their car is playing Christmas music and there is a huge dance party going on in the parking lot...all because of the first snow? All my roommates wanted to go join so they dragged me along with them and we went out and joined the party, it actually was a little fun, but I'm not as enthusiastic about Christmas just yet. I now realized that I forgot to bring shoes that will be good in snow....I will have to get some over thanks giving. The weirdest part about that party was this girl dancing in a leotard...I don't know how she did it, I was freezing my but off and I was bundled up! I forgot to mention that this party was happening after 12 so we got the cops called on us and they had to come and tell us to turn the music off, they seemed like they wanted to join our party though! Later that night at 4:40 my alarm started going off, I couldn't get it to turn off and I didn't even know why it was going off that early! Finally once I started waking up a little more I realized that it wasn't my alarm and that it was the snow plow in the parking lot. Every time it backed up it would have a loud beeping noise!
Walking to school now is going to suck...but it has got me excited for snowboarding! I just hope that it melts for Dylan this weekend! I don't mind as much if it snows after that, but I would prefer it to wait until later!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekend With Codie

Friday morning me and Amber went to the shelter to walk dogs again. there was a German Shepherd there that I absolutely fell in love with! He was such a well trained dog! I wish I could get a dog because I totally would have bought him! I miss having a pet! Later that night Ashlee was talking me and amber to go to Ouija with her and Jake. I really didn't want to go because that stuff scares me...well they talked me into it. But the movie completely sucked. It wasn't even that scary and it just had horrible acting and graphics!

 This weekend Codie came up and stayed with me. It was a lot of fun, and I was so happy to see her. I had this weekend planned out of everything that we were going to do but we really didn't do anything that I had planned. It is okay though because I still had fun and I was just glad to be with her! I originally planned for her to come Saturday morning and then go to breakfast with my aunt Michelle. After that we were just going to hang out at my apartment and watch a movie and paint nails and talk because we haven't had our one on one sister conversation about everything going on in our lives since I moved up here! Then of course for lunch we would have Milhollow. We were going to try out this place called G's Dairy that I heard was really good in town, and for dinner DiGiorno!!

Codie was getting into town a little later than expected so we decided to do lunch first with Michelle. We went to Milhollow, which is as goo as it always is! After we all started talking about puppies so we started going to all of the different shelters to look at dogs! I loved looking at all the dogs, we even found a dog that Michelle is possibly getting!! After looking at dogs we ran to a few stores to get some Christmas shopping done for Michelle. I hate shopping so that wasn't the highlight of my day, but that's okay! We then went to Johnny Corinos for dinner, that place is always great too. When we were leaving Ashlee said "I wish I had window paint to write something on Jake's window before we left" because he was in work. Well Michelle got the brilliant idea and said "we have left over noodles, we could write fart on his window" and that is exactly what Ashlee did, it was hilarious! We parked by his car and waited for him to get off work so we could watch his reaction! I should mention that Jake is obsessed with cars and his is a really nice Mercedes  and he is way protective over it! He came out and he seemed to sort of laugh about it but then when he saw us he acted pretty upset so I thought he was just faking being mad! But then he kept ignoring Ashlee and seemed really pissed off about it so we all said we would meet him for ice cream to make up for it. We met at cold stone and he seemed totally okay but then he grabbed Ashlee's phone and made it look like he did a factory reset on her phone to loose everything! It was so awkward because we didn't know how to react and ashlee had pictures of her dog on there that she hadn't saved so she started crying and then he showed her that he was just messing with her and he didn't really reset it. He is lucky though because I think Michelle was about to rip his head off! After ice cream we were going to head back to Michelle's and watch a movie but then we remembered my uncle was on duty, he is a cop, so we were going to hunt him down and "pull him over". It was a lot of fun looking for him but it took us forever to finally find him! We didn't get back to Michelle's until 1230 so we decided to stay the night there instead of my apartment, and yes we still attempted to watch the movie!

This morning we slept in until about 11 and then just talked all morning. We came back to my apartment and showered and had pizza and then went to my grandmas to visit for a bit. I can't believe how fast my weekend with Code went by. I miss our sister time so much, it sucks that I hardly ever get to see her. I wish the weekend could have been longer! I hope I get to see her a bit over thanks giving break! Dylan is coming up this next weekend, I am pretty excited about that! The weather is looking like it's getting a little worse though so I hope it's not bad when he drives here!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Monday was a pretty lame day. I woke up, went to school, donated plasma, did my homework, and then just laid on the couch...all day. The time change must have really kicked my but because I was really tired! I didn't even go to FHE! All my roommates are excited for Christmas and started playing Christmas music and decorations. We already have so many decorations up and its not even close to thanksgiving yet...its killing me. I went to be early that night like I did the night before.

Tuesday I still woke up tired! I don't know if it is because my bed is worse than sleeping on a rock so I'm not getting great sleep or if it's because of the time change, but I cannot catch up on sleep it seems! I miss my bed at home so much...I just miss home so much. Tuesday was another uneventful day until after school I had a meeting with the bishop. I got a calling as relief society humanitarian? They couldn't even tell me what that was, that shows how unimportant it is and they are just trying to give everyone a calling. Ashlee got a calling as like a temple enthusiast, she is supposed to encourage people to go to the temple haha. After the meeting I went to the grocery store to get groceries for when Codie comes this weekend! I went to the store for apples, DiGorno, and these little cherry Hersey kisses that only come out around Christmas (one of the only things I like early Christmas is for those Hersey kisses, and the chocolate orange balls, funny story about that later!) I ended up leaving the store with cereal, sweetish fish, Chocolate orange ball, and luckily apple's. I didn't even get majority of the things I wanted! I got the sweetish fish for when I go to visit Tracen because those are his favorite, and once I saw the chocolate orange balls I couldn't resist getting one because me and Codie absolutely love those and I wanted to surprise her with it this weekend! Turns out that Codie saw them and got the same idea and bought me one too! We are pretty much the same person. (: I didn't get the pizza because at the store here they are 9 bucks! Back home they are only like 5! I am just going to grab the pizza when I go to IF to see Tracen!

When I woke up on Wednesday I wasn't quite as tired as I had been, but I still felt like I was dragging! When I donated plasma the nurse messed up the needle and someone had to come back and fix it. The nurse that messed it up was a girl, the last time I had a girl she messed up too. I now do not like girl nurses. I have a bruise on my arm so that means I can't donate from that arm until it goes away! This bruise is pretty bad so it wont go away for awhile! I hope that my other arm doesn't bruise so that I can keep donating! The rest of the day I didn't really do much. Ashlee and Amber wanted to go to wingers to eat the unlimited sticky fingers. I ate way to much. I felt so sick after! but it was so good! I'm pretty sure my waiter didn't think I would be able to put down that many sticky fingers because he gave me a weird look when I would ask for more, but I was going to get my monies worth of sticky fingers! He wasn't the best waiter...okay he completely sucked. But at the end no one wanted to tip him. Ashlee and Amber didn't even give him a 10% tip, in fact I don't think Ashlee even gave him a 5% tip! I felt bad so I at least gave him a 15% tip, I'm sure he was pretty pissed.

Today I am going to try to go and visit Tracen and my Grandma and then pick up the pizzas for this weekend. I think Ashlee said she was wanting to go down to IF with me but she is still asleep and its 11. I only have limited time because I have class tonight so I might wake her and see if she really wants to go. I just wish it was the weekend and Codie was here! Even though I have been home a lot, I haven't really been able to see her because she was hunting or at work! It will be nice to see her for the weekend! It sort of sucks tho because I probably won't go home again until thanksgiving. It's going to be so hard to not see my family and Dylan for that long! on the bright side, thanksgiving break is going to be a long one so I will have lots of time with everyone! Also Dylan might be coming up to see me next weekend! I hope if he ends up coming the weather is good because I don't want him driving in bad weather! I have no pictures this week, sorry!

Monday, November 3, 2014


I haven't wrote for a week, and I honestly can't remember much that happened last week. I will just do a quick overview of it. Monday we had FHE, we carved pumpkins, everyone was sort of in a bad mood so it was a little awkward and no one really talked. Tuesday I think I just studied all day, basically all I did last week was studied because it was midterms! Wednesday I threw Ashlee a surprise birthday because no one was going to be home for her real birthday! We had brownies and pizza and then went to a haunted house. It was fun.

Now time for the weekend, which I actually remember! Thursday morning I went and took my test and then drove home! I know it was only Thursday but since it was the end of midterms I didn't have much going on so I skipped my class! I didn't tell Dylan or my mom because I wanted to surprise them! Once I got into town I had my dad invite my mom to lunch and I met them there, I was in the bathroom when my mom got there. When I walked out she looked up at me and said hi then looked down at her phone and then paused and looked back up at me and was like "wait what are you doing here?!" it was pretty funny! Next up was to surprise Dylan. The original plan was to go meet Kortnie and hide in her car and have her take him to Ice cream or something and then scare the crap out of him! Although that would have been hilarious, we would have had to wait until 7 and I found out that Dylan got off around 3, I couldn't wait that long to see him! I called his mom and we decided that she would take Dylan to the store and I would meet them there in one of the isles. It worked out great, he had his back turned to me when I got to the isle so I ran up and hugged him. He turned at the last second and saw me right before I hugged him. His face was priceless, he looked so confused. He sat there and stuttered for a bit trying to make sense of what had just happened, it was awesome!(: We went to their friends house and helped their kids carve pumpkins and rode small dirt bikes and four wheeler's on the track they had in the back yard, it was a blast! After that we went on a date to black island farms with Kortnie and this kid she had met the night before. It was a lot of fun, me and Dyl were mostly off in our own world though and didn't talk to the other two couples that much!

Friday morning I woke up and made this cheesy potato soup that Dylan's mom made for us once. We were going to have it for dinner that night but I made it sort of way early!(: Me and Dylan got together but didn't know what to do until we needed to get ready for Halloween! We just hung out and then went to see Codie at her work and sat with her for her lunch break. After that we went back to his house and had lunch and then started to get our costumes on. Dylan get so excited when he is in his costume, I love it! Once we were ready we went over to my house for dinner, the soup that I made was good, but Becky's is definitely best! We stayed there a lot longer than planned so we didn't really do anything In our costumes, but I didn't care because I love Halloween so it was still a lot of fun to just get ready in spirit of the holiday!(: later that night we went back to Dylan's and played hide and clap with his sisters, It was scary but was a fun sort of scary!

Saturday when I woke up I was a little bummed but then I realized it wasn't Sunday and I had an extra day! Me my parents and Dylan went to Fizz and then just hung out and watched TV until we went out to eat with my uncle Jason. We had such a hard time deciding what to eat that we all had to write a place down on a piece of paper and then draw it out of a box to decide where to go! We ended up going to Red Robin, it was a good choice! After that me and Dylan met up with my friend Jesee and her boyfriend for ice cream, It was good to see her again. Arctic Circle forgot to give us our mint in our mint Oreo shake though, that has happened before! We then watched SNL with my dad for the rest of the night.

Sunday I finally went to church! I went to Dylan's church with him, I'm glad I finally got to go for the first time since school has started! After church we went back to his house and had pizza then went to my house. When we got to my house it was funny because my parents asked us if we wanted pizza for lunch! We still had pizza with them anyways(: Codie and Chase came over and hung out with us and watched football. Stupid Cowboys lost. Unfortunately it was time to go again. It sucked. It gets so much harder every time. Especially this time because I don't know when I will be back home again for sure.