Tuesday, November 11, 2014

First Snow

Monday when I donated I got another girl nurse...I was really nervous and didn't want to donate anymore! But she actually did really well and I think I was one of my best donations that I have had! After donating I felt like I was on the phone for forever because first my dad called me, then McCall called me, then my sister called me, then McCall called me, then my mom, and then my dad again. I'm pretty sure adding all the calls made me be on the phone for about 4 hours! It was insane! But it was good to talk with all of them! We had FHE that night but I really am sick of FHE because they never plan anything anymore so we just sit there and try to figure out what to do and it's weird. It was the boy's turn to come to our house this time. Ashlee was in IF so she didn't have to go but me and Amber were stuck, we ended up hiding in my room and didn't go out there with them! 
Once they left we went back out into the living room and were all talking. We kept hearing screaming outside so we were went to look outside to see what all the chaos was about...it was snowing. I actually don't mind the snow that much, it's just I don't want it to be bad weather when Dylan comes up this weekend, and I hope it isn't even worse when I go home for thanks giving. It can snow as much as it wants once the semester is over! Once all my roommates settled down and stopped screaming about how excited they were for Christmas and stopped playing their Christmas music, we started to get ready for bed. I'm in bed half asleep and then all of a sudden I hear Christmas music blasting! It sounds like someone is sitting next to my window playing it! I look outside and someone with apparently amazing speakers in their car is playing Christmas music and there is a huge dance party going on in the parking lot...all because of the first snow? All my roommates wanted to go join so they dragged me along with them and we went out and joined the party, it actually was a little fun, but I'm not as enthusiastic about Christmas just yet. I now realized that I forgot to bring shoes that will be good in snow....I will have to get some over thanks giving. The weirdest part about that party was this girl dancing in a leotard...I don't know how she did it, I was freezing my but off and I was bundled up! I forgot to mention that this party was happening after 12 so we got the cops called on us and they had to come and tell us to turn the music off, they seemed like they wanted to join our party though! Later that night at 4:40 my alarm started going off, I couldn't get it to turn off and I didn't even know why it was going off that early! Finally once I started waking up a little more I realized that it wasn't my alarm and that it was the snow plow in the parking lot. Every time it backed up it would have a loud beeping noise!
Walking to school now is going to suck...but it has got me excited for snowboarding! I just hope that it melts for Dylan this weekend! I don't mind as much if it snows after that, but I would prefer it to wait until later!

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