Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekend With Codie

Friday morning me and Amber went to the shelter to walk dogs again. there was a German Shepherd there that I absolutely fell in love with! He was such a well trained dog! I wish I could get a dog because I totally would have bought him! I miss having a pet! Later that night Ashlee was talking me and amber to go to Ouija with her and Jake. I really didn't want to go because that stuff scares me...well they talked me into it. But the movie completely sucked. It wasn't even that scary and it just had horrible acting and graphics!

 This weekend Codie came up and stayed with me. It was a lot of fun, and I was so happy to see her. I had this weekend planned out of everything that we were going to do but we really didn't do anything that I had planned. It is okay though because I still had fun and I was just glad to be with her! I originally planned for her to come Saturday morning and then go to breakfast with my aunt Michelle. After that we were just going to hang out at my apartment and watch a movie and paint nails and talk because we haven't had our one on one sister conversation about everything going on in our lives since I moved up here! Then of course for lunch we would have Milhollow. We were going to try out this place called G's Dairy that I heard was really good in town, and for dinner DiGiorno!!

Codie was getting into town a little later than expected so we decided to do lunch first with Michelle. We went to Milhollow, which is as goo as it always is! After we all started talking about puppies so we started going to all of the different shelters to look at dogs! I loved looking at all the dogs, we even found a dog that Michelle is possibly getting!! After looking at dogs we ran to a few stores to get some Christmas shopping done for Michelle. I hate shopping so that wasn't the highlight of my day, but that's okay! We then went to Johnny Corinos for dinner, that place is always great too. When we were leaving Ashlee said "I wish I had window paint to write something on Jake's window before we left" because he was in work. Well Michelle got the brilliant idea and said "we have left over noodles, we could write fart on his window" and that is exactly what Ashlee did, it was hilarious! We parked by his car and waited for him to get off work so we could watch his reaction! I should mention that Jake is obsessed with cars and his is a really nice Mercedes  and he is way protective over it! He came out and he seemed to sort of laugh about it but then when he saw us he acted pretty upset so I thought he was just faking being mad! But then he kept ignoring Ashlee and seemed really pissed off about it so we all said we would meet him for ice cream to make up for it. We met at cold stone and he seemed totally okay but then he grabbed Ashlee's phone and made it look like he did a factory reset on her phone to loose everything! It was so awkward because we didn't know how to react and ashlee had pictures of her dog on there that she hadn't saved so she started crying and then he showed her that he was just messing with her and he didn't really reset it. He is lucky though because I think Michelle was about to rip his head off! After ice cream we were going to head back to Michelle's and watch a movie but then we remembered my uncle was on duty, he is a cop, so we were going to hunt him down and "pull him over". It was a lot of fun looking for him but it took us forever to finally find him! We didn't get back to Michelle's until 1230 so we decided to stay the night there instead of my apartment, and yes we still attempted to watch the movie!

This morning we slept in until about 11 and then just talked all morning. We came back to my apartment and showered and had pizza and then went to my grandmas to visit for a bit. I can't believe how fast my weekend with Code went by. I miss our sister time so much, it sucks that I hardly ever get to see her. I wish the weekend could have been longer! I hope I get to see her a bit over thanks giving break! Dylan is coming up this next weekend, I am pretty excited about that! The weather is looking like it's getting a little worse though so I hope it's not bad when he drives here!

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