Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Elder Holland

Today was a fairly normal day. I didn't have class until 5 and I had a Devotional I wanted to go to at 2. So me and Ash just stayed home and cleaned and did our homework until then. We decided we would leave at 1 for the Devotional because Elder Holland was coming to speak! When we got in the building I was so amazed. It was just like a smaller version of the conference center, it was so cool! The place filled up every seat, I couldn't believe how many people were there!

Waiting For Devotional
When Elder Holland entered the room it instantly got silent and everyone stood up. Elder Holland did the cutest thing and kissed his hand and waved everyone to sit down. When he was talking it seemed like he talked a little different than he does in Conference, I don't know if this is true it just seemed that way to me. He was cracking jokes the whole time at the begging. Once he got more seriously into the talk, it was amazing the spirit that I felt in the room. He gave a talk on true happiness. He said that happiness is like a butterfly, the more we chase it, the further it goes away from us. Often happiness finds us when we least expect it. He also said that no person can have true happiness when they have anger or thoughts. He used the scripture in D&C to "garnish our thoughts with virtue" which was really cool because that was our spiritual thought the night before in FHE. I was so glad I got the chance to see him speak, it was such a great experience. (Also I am not the best at summarizing so if you would like to listen to Elder Hollands talk visit
Here is an idea of what i look like...

After that I had class, nothing exciting to tell you about that. Then me and Ashlee decided to try Zumba. I felt like a complete idiot...I am the most uncoordinated white girl you will ever meet. Not only am I uncoordinated, but I have these long arms and legs that just flail all over the place! If you can imagine a Praying-mantis trying to dance, that's probably what I look like, in fact I probably look worse! To make me feel even better about my great dancing, all the girls around me were like way good dancers who really got into it, it was such a self esteem booster... ;)

Day 9

Later that night we rode the shuttle to the grocery store because we were running low on somethings and I also really wanted Oreo's. We had about a half hour to get our groceries and be back for the shuttle. Me and Ash thought we would totally make it no problem...well we were wrong. We missed the shuttle by like 5 minutes! Luckily Harry was at the school playing basketball so Ash called him to come save us! Well we got bored so we started to eat our cookies and then we decided to work out right there in the parking lot! We did squats, leg kicks, lunges, jumping jacks, just anything we could think of! I'm pretty sure everyone at the store thought we were insane!

Finally we made it home and were able to cook dinner! I was starving. Ashlee made Taco Soup, it was soo good. All of us roommates were going to watch a movie together, but that turned into all of us talking and then talking turned into doing homework. That was weird for us because normally we all say we have homework, but end up watching TV or something! It is now 1:40 and I am writing this Blog...I have class at 7:45. I need to get on a better sleeping schedule, I'm going to be so tired tomorrow!

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