Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tie Dye

Yesterday was a very unproductive day. I woke up and went to school, and then right back to bed when I got home. I finally woke up again around 1130 and took a test and did homework all day. I didn't ever really leave my computer besides to eat!

It was FHE night and our brothers were coming over to make Tie Dye shirts. We were going to do it outside but it was pouring rain so we decided to do it in our apartment...if you have ever done Tie Dye before you will know it's not the cleanest activity ever, especially with messy boys! We had a table cloth type thing to try to help, but there was still dye all over the table and even on the floor! I also had it all over my hands because I dropped a bottle of dye when I was trying to fill it!! I have to turn in job applications today and my hand is almost all purple!! It has come out a little bit, now my hand looks more black then purple which is a little better I guess! Ashlee made these amazing Oreo Truffles for FHE. My mom usually has me make them for Christmas to hand out for people and it takes forever, so it was nice not being the one making them!

After FHE we were all going to watch a movie, but as usual we never end up watching a movie when we plan to! Instead we decided to play Sardines. I have played this game once before but it is much more fun in our apartment because it is pitch black so you cant see anything! In this game you turn out all the lights and one person hides. Everyone goes looking for them and when you find the person you cram in to their hiding spot with them and everyone does the same until there is one person left looking. Everyone had some great hiding spots, it took us awhile to find everyone who hid! Ashlee's was awesome, it took us 32 minutes to find her!

I thought that I had a brilliant hiding spot so I was really excited for it to be my turn to hide...well my spot ended up being a pretty idiotic spot as well. I was trying to think of a spot no one would ever think to look, and the spot i came up with was the shower. I sprawled my legs and arms out on opposite sides of the shower and crawled up the wall until I was touching the ceiling, I thought they would never find me. I was right, they couldn't find me. I was also very tired and my arms were about to give out, much longer and I was going to fall! I started making a little bit of noise so that they had a general idea of where I was, this didn't help any, still no one was going to check above the shower! Finally I heard Amber feeling in the tub for me so I whispered "Amber" and she could not figure out where I was coming from. I told her that she needed to find me because I was about to fall, well this made her start laughing and then I started laughing...this made it even harder for me too stay up! Luckily I was able to keep hold myself there until everyone found me. I now know that if I have a good hiding spot, I need to make sure it won't be hard to stay in if it takes a long time for people to find me!

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