Monday, September 29, 2014

Island Park

I've  sort of slacked on my blogging, but I have been pretty busy, so I will just Post when I can!
Mesa Falls
Thursday I went to my Aunt Michelle's and hung out with her for a bit, she invited me to go to Island Park that night to go see my Uncle's. It was really nice seeing my Uncle B and Uncle Tad, I missed them! When we got there they gave us dinner, after dinner was the best surprise ever! My Aunts no bake cookies!!! I love no bake cookies, she gave me the recipe but I just can't seem to make them like hers. I'm pretty sure I ate like half of the cookies...(: The next morning I was going to wake up and come home and go to school...but I decided that school didn't sound so fun and hanging with my family would be better! B and Michelle took me to breakfast, it was pretty good, I don't remember the name of the place though! After breakfast we went to Mesa Falls, It was so pretty! Skipping school was totally worth it, I am really glad I went to Island Park!

When I got back to my apartment and it was time to start packing to head home! I was so excited, it had only been a week since I last saw everyone, but I missed them like crazy! I was getting a ride with Ashlee and her friend Lucy since they were making a trip down there to visit their friend Maddie. The drive home wasn't too bad because I wasn't by myself and I was able to sleep! I just had Ashlee and Lucy drop me off the Antelope exit and Dylan came and picked me up. I was so glad he picked me up because I couldn't wait much longer to see him! My parents took us to Texas Rhode House, which I was happy about because I hadn't eaten all day!

Saturday morning Codie came over. I missed her so much, I hate going from seeing everyone almost everyday, to maybe seeing them on the weekends. While my mom was doing hair Codie my dad and I went to this new place called Fizz since I had never been there. It was pretty good, I got a Raspberry Peach Cream Lemonade. I think the cookie was my favorite part though, I'm not much of a drink person since I stopped drinking pop. After that we Just all hung out and talked and Dylan came and hung with us too. Codie had to go home and then my parents left for a movie so me and Dylan went and hung out with his sister Kelsey. We went to the store to get some groceries and Dylan got Digiorno for dinner...that's my favorite Pizza...he is kind of the best (:

After dinner Dylan's friends Scott and Stephanie came over. I had heard lots about them so I was glad to finally meet them, they were pretty cool! We watched The Conjuring...I've seen that movie once before and I think it freaked me out just as bad as the first time I watched it! We then were going to a haunted house called Asylum 49. If you haven't heard of this haunted house, it is a full contact haunted house so they can pick you up and take you away, its pretty awesome! Luckily I didn't get separated from Dylan, I think I would have cried if I did! It was funny though because Kortnie went in ahead of us, and we picked her up along the way because they had taken her from her group and put her on a hospital bed! I definitely recommend going to this haunted house, I had such a blast that day!(:

Trip to Utah
Unfortunately we are now at Sunday. I couldn't believe how fast that weekend had went by. I felt like I had just barely got back home and now it was time to leave again!): Dylan, Codie, and Chase came over for lunch. It was good being with everyone, but I was pretty sad that whole day knowing that I was going to have to leave soon. I thought that everything would get easier as time went on, but I was wrong. It is getting so much harder! Every time I visit the less I come back. I cant imagine how hard it is going to be to leave next time I visit!

It is conference next weekend and Dylan is also getting his wisdom teeth out so I am planning on going to Utah again...yes, I have been there every weekend since I have been here, but I don't care! (: But the weekend after conference I will not be going to Utah! Only because everyone is coming here for my cousins baptism and to go to the haunted mill....I'm kind of way excited! I can't wait to show everyone around up here!

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