Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sluff day

Monday was a pretty boring day. I just went to school, donated plasma, then we had FHE. For FHE we were going to have a bonfire so me Ashlee and Megan went to the store and got things for campfire cones. Campfire cones is an idea Ash got off of Pinterest. you get waffle cones, marshmallows chocolate, strawberries, bananas, anything you can think of and stuff it inside the cone. you then wrap it up in tinfoil and stick it in the fire to melt all together. Me and Ashlee decided we would make hot chocolate before we went because it was going to be really cold. I didn't really have anything to put my hot chocolate in besides my water bottle, well that was a bad idea. One of the FHE brothers came to pick us up and as we were getting in his car he was telling us that it was his baby and he had put so much money into her, you know boys and their cars, it actually was old and ugly so i'm not sure what he was talking about. Anyways I'm sitting in his car and all of a sudden my hot chocolate decides to explode like a volcano out of my straw! I felt so bad, there was hot chocolate everywhere! I ran as fast as I could to go get a wet rag. Ashlee told me that while I was gone he told everyone that he had just redone the leather seats! Luckily from what I could tell everything came out. I still feel horrible about it though! So back to the campfire cones, I was actually really excited to try them out, but they ended up being really disgusting! The cones all burnt and tasted bad, the marshmallows didn't really melt, and it was just a mess! It was still fun though, I just hope that there is no hard feeling's about the hot chocolate disaster...

Tuesday wasn't quite as boring as the other Tuesdays I have had. I cleaned all morning, did some homework, and then we went to the shelter to walk dogs! I was so happy seeing dogs, I am going to try to make it a weekly thing to go and walk the shelter dogs, its a good excuse to get out of the apartment too! After school I had a job interview at Wingers at 7. My cousin had a football game in Rexburg at 730 so all of us roommates were just going to go to the game after my interview. Everyone came along and waited in the car for my interview to get over. I got in and they sat me down with popcorn and said they would be with me as soon as they could. 15 mins went by...nothing. 30 mins went by...still nothing besides another girl for an interview! At this point I called Ashlee and told her that she could take my car to the game and I would call her when I was done. An hour comes along and another girl shows up for an interview! finally at like 810 the manager came and apologized and said he would have to call us to reschedule. I haven't heard from him yet. I'm kind of really annoyed that I waited that long for nothing. I got to catch the end of my cousins game and went to Dairy Queen with them after so that was fun.

Wednesday everyone wanted to get roommate pictures. We were up all night on Tuesday because they were picking out everyone's outfits. I am not very fond of dressing up or getting pictures, so I just laid on the bed and observed and let them decide what I was going to wear. They kept me up until 3 and I had to get up the next morning at 630! Needless to say I accidentally slept through my first class and then woke up 10 mins before my second class. I probably looked like a zombie in that class! I got home from school and found out that everyone had skipped school that day! Everyone wanted to stay home and get ready for pictures. Unfortunately it was really windy that day so pictures were hard to take. Even though I hate taking pictures, We got some pretty cute pictures! There was a party with free pizza and ice cream that me and amber really wanted to go to that night. We ended up not going because all of us passed out in the living room and slept right through it! I am still kind of upset that I let myself miss out on free stuff...especially pizza and ice cream!

This weekend is the first weekend I am not seeing Dylan and my family, It really sucks. I don't know what I am going to do. Ashlee, Megan, and Amber are all going to Utah this weekend too, I am going to be alone with the crazies!! I need to find something to do this weekend or just lock myself in my room away from them! I really hope I can go home next weekend. I miss everyone so so much!

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