Saturday, September 20, 2014

Trip Home

 This weekend was my first trip home to visit, it was the longest drive of my life. I missed everyone so much and I was so eager to get home that it dragged the drive out FOREVER. Once I finally got home I got to spend sometime with my dad and he showed me kid history videos forever until Dylan came and picked me up.

To kind of put names with faces
here is Dylan
Dylan and I went to Strangling Brothers Haunted Circus with his sister Kortnie and her friend. It was so much fun. I love haunted houses, Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday! I get pretty easily scared so I think that is what makes haunted houses so much fun to me. This one was good because Dylan even got scared a few times! Dylan also loves haunted houses so we are going to try and hit up some of our favorite ones this year! One of my favorites is Haunted Mill in Idaho, I'm pretty excited for him to go to that one! We also want to try to go to Asylum 49, that one is supposed to be really scary because they are aloud to pick you up and take you away, they can even stick you in a closet or something! I won't let them pull me away from my group tho, I'm going to hang on tight!

The next morning my mom woke me up way early so she could see me before she went to work I totally thought I was still in Idaho and asked her what she was doing there before I realized I was in Utah! Once we were talking and I finally started to actually wake up I realized she was crying, when i asked her what was wrong she said she just missed me! It was cute, I missed her too.
Here is My Family
Codie, Chase, Mom, Dad
after she left, I fell asleep again, next thing i know my dad came in and woke me at 630 to get donuts!! We went and got a dozen donuts and only ate like 2 1/2 between the two of us! He then wanted to watch kid history all morning, he was getting upset because I kept falling asleep, but it was sooo hard to keep my eyes open!! After watching the you tube videos we went to figure out what was wrong with my Jeep. Luckily it wasn't what we thought it was at first and it was a lot cheaper and easier fix!

and here is Kortnie
Dylan came over and we went to lunch with my parents. We went to Dragon Hill, I'm pretty sure I over stuff myself every time I go there, It's just so dang good! After stuffing our faces we were all pretty full so we just went home and hung out until it was time for Codie and Chase to come over. It was so good being with all of my favorite people again. We had dinner together and then all of us went to Farr's for ice cream with Kortnie. It was so much fun, we were telling tons of stories, I don't think I have laughed so hard in while! We heard some pretty hilarious, it will definitely be a night I will never forget!

Tomorrow is my last day here, so my mom is making a pot roast lunch. I can't believe how fast this weekend went by. I am not ready to leave everyone. On the bright side though, i'm not going back up to something I hate, and Ashlee and I will be back down here next weekend for her friends birthday so I will get to see everyone again!

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