Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Discovering American Cream

Today started out as an average day. I went to my Human Anatomy and Physiology class...I feel like that class is going to be fairly easy for me since i have taken so many classes talking about the exact same thing. I then came home and studied....seriously all day. I have majority online classes so I am the only one home for majority of the day and it gets so boring around the house!

Later that day we had an apartment meeting, we played games and my room totally won! We got toilet paper, cleaning supplies, popcorn, and best part FREE PIZZA!!!! We are really excited about the pizza....that's every college students dream, free food!

After we finished dinner and did all of our homework, well at least as much as we could handle doing, we started to get really bored. We all finally decided to go for a walk, we didn't really have anywhere in mind, we just set out to see where we ended up. We came across this place called Sammy's and decided to check it out. Sammy's is this really cool little place, they have food and a live band. The band that was playing was American Cream and they were actually really good! They gave us free CD's and T-shirts!! We all got pictures with them and then came home and got pictures with our new shirts. It ended up being a great night and it was totally unplanned.

I am really loving college, and I really like my roommates. I am having so much fun and am so happy I followed through on moving up here!

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