Friday, September 19, 2014

Free Day

To start out today, I'm going to have to go back to late last night. We were all in bed, it was probably about midnight, and me and Ashlee heard music and talking outside. Ashlee gets up and goes to look what it is and its a bunch of boy dropping off girls, next thing I know I hear "kiss her! kiss her!". Standing over at the window peeking out the blinds is my cousin screaming to these people to be a man and kiss the girls...I was in shock. They started yelling back to us and telling us to come down there and kiss them ourselves and Ashy just keeps egging them on! Next thing we know they are making their way up to our apartment! I run out to make sure the front door is locked and there are our roommates trying to figure out what the Sam heck is going on! Some how the kids find our room and start knocking on our door asking us to kiss them and Ashlee screams to them that we turn into pumpkins at midnight....she has an interesting mind...(: Then she opens the freaking door! All of the roommates go screaming down the hall like little girls, but luckily they were leaving and didn't try to come in! As they drove away they said they would be back, we will see if that is true, I sure hope not.

Now to actually talk about today, none of us had early morning classes so we all decided to sleep in. Well Ashlee, Amber, and I didn't have anything until later that day. We seriously sat on the couch all day watching friends and the only time we got up was to make ourselves food and then we would sit on the couch again. Finally Ash had work and I had school so we actually got ready for the day around 4 o'clock! While I was walking around campus i noticed something so weird, the handicap spots are shaped like Idaho! I always just thought that back home it was just a coincidence that they were shaped like Utah, so i totally took a picture. I probably looked like an idiot taking a picture of that, but oh well, i don't know anyone!
Day 4

After school we went to go get pizza with our free pizza card, we also go cheese bread. The pizza was so amazing and we downed everything! I had been craving pizza since I got here so it was nice to finally have it. We then went to Sammy's again because they were handing out free ice cream. That is how tonight was named free night, we got dinner and dessert for free! 

On our walk back home from Sammy's we came across this dead snake, it was a pretty decent size too! Well Megan is way afraid of snakes so amber picked it up and chased her with it. Megan screamed and ran like she was running from a killer, it was hilarious. I wish we could have gotten it on video! We stayed up talking until about 1 and i have class tomorrow at 7:45 and I'm writing we will see how tomorrow goes!

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